Monday, 28 July 2014

Insightly For Python And Google App Engine

Building custom apps and integrations with Insightly is now easier than ever thanks to our Python client library. This library makes building apps around our web API super easy, as easy as:

from insightly import Insightly
i = Insightly(apikey=’your api key’)
contacts = i.getContacts(orderby=’DATE_UPDATED_UTC desc’)
for c in contacts:

The library handles all of the low level details of communicating with our API, so you can focus on your custom app or integration. You can find the Python library at

We’ve also built a sample app based on the Python library that runs as-is on Google App Engine. The sample app demonstrates how to capture information from web forms, to convert requests for more information into Insightly Contacts and Insightly Tasks. App Engine is a easy to use yet highly scalable PaaS (platform as a service) environment. It scales automatically to handle user demand, and virtually eliminates system administration overhead. You can find the source code and docs at

Want to make some extra money? We’re looking to hire developers to build client libraries for other major development environments, including Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby and others. If you’re experienced in a popular development environment and already have experience working with our REST API, drop a line to to learn more.

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