Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Insightly is now a Google Apps Premier Technology Partner

As you may know, Insightly has been rated the number one CRM on the Google Apps Marketplace for some time, so we are delighted to be named one of the first Premier Partners to join the recently launched Google Apps Technology Partner Program.  This new program recognizes partners for their success and offers them additional support to help bring the products they build to more people.  While this program is good news for Insightly, it is great news for our Insightly for Google Apps customers as it ensures that we can continue to offer cutting edge technology to this segment of our customer base.


  1. Congrats to the Insightly team. As users we have always been believers, we are very excited to see how this step helps you take your game to the next level.
    (A way to search docs/contracts stored in insightly would help this user. Its likely a pointer to a storage of the files in a common dedicated Google Drive folder)

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