Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Evernote for Business Integration

Insightly has had Evernote integration for quite some time, and we've just added an integration with the newest Evernote product - Evernote Business. Evernote Business allows you to share and collaborate on Evernote notes with other members of your organization or team. This new integration is available to all Insightly users.

Linking your Evernote account to Insightly

If you have not yet enabled Evernote integration and you have an Evernote account, you can link Insightly to your Evernote account through the Profile menu in the top right, then choose the 'User Settings' option. Then click the 'Connect to Evernote' link towards the bottom of the Settings page, as shown below in red.

Adding Evernote Business Notes to Insightly

Once you have connected your Evernote account to Insightly, you can link existing notes from Evernote to Insightly contacts, organizations, opportunities and projects and share those notes with other Insightly users. Click on the Evernote button under the Notes tab to link an Evernote note in Insightly, as shown below.

In the notebook dropdown in the modal window that appears, you can now choose between Evernote for Business notebooks (if you have an Evernote for Business account), or personal Evernote notebooks when linking notes. All Business Notebooks that you have permission to see will be listed under the 'Business Notebooks' section (as shown below).

From the modal window, choose the notes you wish to link by clicking on the checkbox to the left of their names, and click the 'Add Evernote' button to link them to the Insightly record. The summary of each linked Evernote note will be shown in Insightly (as shown below).

Clicking on an individual note will show you the full contents of that Evernote right inside Insightly, and you can choose to view that note in Evernote itself from an option under the Actions menu.

This new integration is very handy for those of you who have an Evernote Business account and share notes with other members of your team.


  1. Is there a way for Evernote to scrape a business contact article in evernote and create a new contact/organization, or link it to an existing one? Similar to forwarding an email to my Insightly address.

  2. Yes! The business card scan function in evernote is awesome but it only can import as a "note" not as contact info in insightly. I wish it could import the entire contact in the correct fields!

  3. can you add notes with One Note from Microsoft?

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  5. For me, evernote is not opening up under Notes when clicked. I use Evernote daily, have confirmed the password and have disconnected it and then set it up twice, once from the Notes tab itself and once from the User settings. It simply does not open