Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Google+ Hangouts now integrated with Insightly

Google+ Hangouts allow you to have group voice and video conversations with up to 10 people at once across different devices and across the world. We’ve been working closely with Google to combine the power of Google+ Hangouts with Insightly, and we’re excited to announce that today we’re launching integrated Google+ Hangouts right inside Insightly.

Let’s say you want to bring together several of your contacts to discuss an upcoming feature of your product currently in development. Select those contacts you want to speak with in Insightly, and in just two clicks invite them to connect and join a video or voice Hangout with you. Insightly can even create a Hangout between you and a contact by calling their phone number directly inside Insightly.

Here’s how it works in just three very easy steps:

1. First select up to 10 contacts from the contact list and click the new Hangouts button that appears in the header.

2. Insightly will open a popup listing the contacts you have selected, and all you need to do is click on the green ‘Start a Hangout’ button to invite those users to join you in a new Hangout. If you have selected one contact Insightly will give you the option to call that contacts phone number and join the two of you in a new Hangout.

3. After you have clicked the ‘Start a Hangout’ button, a new Hangout window will open with all the selected users ready for you to invite to join your new Hangout.

If you have chosen one contact with a phone number, the new Hangout window will give you the option to call that user immediately on their listed phone number to join your Hangout.

Google+ Hangouts are free, and the ability to select and invite contacts to join you in a video call or conference right from within Insightly is a very powerful feature. Hangouts also allows you to share your screen with other participants, capture and keep still photos from the call, and share your files with other participants through an integrated Google Drive interface. We’re excited to bring the power of Google+ Hangouts to all of our customers today - happy calling !


  1. Great idea.
    Of more use to me would be an ability to send text messages [via Hangouts SMS] directly from contacts in Insightly.

  2. very interesting, so I wanted to try it, thanks

  3. Great start, but it would be great if you can have Gchat/Hangouts inside of Insightly.

  4. Would you be intrested in making calls from Insightly?

  5. To participate in a Hangout does a Contact have to create a G+ profile?

    1. Yes and this is the only (major) drawback. Otherwise this would be the best news ever. But that's something Insightly can't control or change.

  6. This is a "neat" function. But a feature that would make me money and save me time would be the ability to search Insightly for documents saved in it. While not a sexy as this feature, the CRM stores documents (contracts, proposals, profiles), we should be able to search for them somehow.

  7. Integrate Google Voice with Insightly, enabling the user to make calls from inside Insightly via a Google Voice account.

    Furthermore, create a feature that automatically pulls up the caller's info in Insightly, eliminating the task of having to search for them upon receiving an inbound call from them to the designated Google Voice number. Sounds far-fetched, but it can be done (saw it in SalesForce with RingCentral).

  8. So it's OK to leave spam here??? Nobody is going to clean this up?