Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sneak Peek - New Insightly iOS App

Insightly is getting ready to launch a brand new app for iOS, and we wanted to give you a quick peek at what’s coming. We’ve completely redesigned and reimplemented the app, based on feedback from users of our previous versions.
The new iOS app will include some of our most frequently requested improvements, including:
  • Redesigned UI with iOS 7 look & feel.
  • Filters and groups for your tasks, projects, and opportunities (e.g. to hide closed items).
  • Landcape mode in iPhone and iPad.
  • Offline mode to access your data when a connection isn’t available.
  • Stability improvements & bug fixes

We’re planning to release the application in early spring.  In the meantime, here are some screen designs to whet your appetite!


  1. Looks great. iOS aside, have you guys any plans to address a number of issues mentioned on your post titled "Crafting New Insightly Experience"? I know myself, my team and, it seems, a lot of other users were somewhat disappointed with certain aspects of your Insightly UI overhaul. Do you have a feedback channel for these issues? The majority of complaints focus around:

    - Speed
    - More clicks / less productive

    Are these issues being looked into? The new UI is certainly slower and has many tasks have become tiresome as they require twice as many clicks as the old UI. Many people have reverted back to using the old UI because of this.

    I understand an update of that size will have it's issues but I think what has made it worse is the complete lack of feedback form yourselves regarding these issues from paying customers.

    Perhaps consider point 2 of your recent guest post 'Turning Around Sour Word-of-Mouth' which reads:

    "Respond Quickly and Clearly
    Once a customer posts a complaint there is an unspoken time clock that begins to tick. The longer you wait to respond with a proper apology, the more difficult it is going to be to win their trust and business back. "



    1. The channel to funnel all feedback (both positive and negative) and all product suggestions is through our customer support team. We have streamlined this process through the support team so that we have an efficient way to get all feedback to our product/engineering team. As far as performance we have had a couple server issues that have occurred in the last couple days and our team is working on rectifying this.

    2. Thanks for the reply.

      "As far as performance we have had a couple server issues that have occurred in the last couple days and our team is working on rectifying this."

      The application is much slower, period. It's slower not only due to load times but it's also slower in the way that you now have to click twice where in the past you had to click once. It has actually become less usable; there is no two ways about it. As a customer I'd expect some sort of acknowledgement and solution. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as they are acknowledged and rectified. To act as if everyone loves it, when it clearly has issues will not wash with paying customers.

      In terms of functionality very little has happened. It has been given a new skin that doesn't fit as well as the old one. The reasoning that 'everyone uses Gmail so we'll clone Gmails styling' is also flawed. It's hardly innovative is it?

      I for one will be taking my business elsewhere if the obvious issues are not rectified soon. It’s very disappointing.

      Kind regards,


  2. I agree with Tom above, get the new interface sorted before "playing" with more new stuff.
    I have had no response to ticket submitted weeks ago and still cannot add tags to existing customers and that's kind of important to me!
    In fact, come to think about it, I have seen no response to any complaint about this update.

    Perhaps you need a CRM?

  3. When we first launched the new UI, our support team's response time (which is normally same day) was extended to 2-3 days for response time. However, the support time is now back to within 24 hours. Please send the ticket number to laura@insightly.com and we can investigate the issue.

  4. I totally agree with Tom, whilst an improvement to the mobile app is welcome Laura you and your team have been silent on the issues surrounding the new interface, more clicks, less productive, bugs, unable to add tags. We (my company) are trying to run a business and we are being hampered by these problems and yet not even a response about what your intentions are in the short to long term, blog postings are intermittent and of the response I have had to support requests they appear to be the standard "we are aware of this has and it been passed to our engineers". Let's have a response from your CEO, some reassurance and a confirmation that you are addressing problems and when we can expect a roll out of improvements.

  5. I totally agree with everything that's been said in this post and 'Crafting New Insightly Experience'.

    As it stands the current UI is not usable - there are far too many issues with it and to channel feedback through the support ticket system is a nonsense. As customers, we expect to have a CRM that's at least as usable as the old UI - however that is not the case. Whilst it may look 'pretty' (to some people that is) it's not a usable product. To expect your customers to find and report as many bugs as we are finding is not how a business should operate, unless of course you just don't care.

    And yes, I know that we can use the old UI, however that logs you out on numerous occasions before deciding that you can use it for a bit and I know it’s unsupported.

    We all make business decisions that don’t work – the difference is we don’t stick our head in the sand and hope they’ll go away. Some sort of acknowledgement would help instead of the ‘look how great the new UI is’ and ‘everyone loves it’. It isn’t and they don’t – check the blogs that you allow us to comment on!

    Our business is being hampered by this new UI, so much so that I’ve started to look at other CRM’s. Insightly doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge issues let alone fix them. A good CRM to look at is Capsule as it actually allows you to import tags from Insightly ….. I will continue to test it and look at others that are available. There are plenty to choose from!!!

    The bottom line is that if Insightly doesn’t sort it’s life out soon then they certainly won’t have the 400,000 + users that they currently have.

  6. Part 1

    I did get a call from Insightly support people on Monday this week about the problem I was having with the old version of Insightly which would logging me out unexpectedly after just a view clicks. Following my call I sent the following email and attachment (see google drive link)


    It was really good to speak with you earlier today and I really hope that you and your team can give your customers back the fantastically, useful, simple to use, powerful CRM system again. You had it right with the old UI as the usability was really great. Now you’ve broken many of those powerful user experience mechanisms with the new UI making the workflow within Insightly CRM so much more difficult now. I think whilst the new Insightly UI is similar to gmail (which incidentally I use for personal email), Insightly CRM is doing a different job so naturally should look and behave differently. Compared to SugarCRM system using the old Insightly CRM was a breath of fresh air and was very easy for our team to become acquainted with in just a day or two. In the first of your Feb 2014 blogs your marketing team says:

    The Importance of Customer Satisfaction
    Customers aren’t just the lifeline of a business, they are its' lifelong support. If customers are happy, the business flourishes, gains more leads, more word-of-mouth advertising and their products can fly off the shelves. When customers are unhappy, sales dwindle, complaints circumvent and the brand is ultimately ruined. LinkedIn gathered a few eye-opening stats that you should know about customer complaints. Here are a few:

    • 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain; 91% of those will simply leave and never come back.
    • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.
    • A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits by 5-95%.

    From these statistics, it’s very plain to see that a business’s relationship with its' buyers can either make or break it, both now and in the future.

  7. Part 2

    So there would appear to me and probably many of your other customers that there is a disconnect between the Marketing and Development teams within your company. I know you are probably inundated with issues following this release and this is not what your management team would have hoped for. I feel that this new Insightly UI release is a bit like when Microsoft brought out Windows Vista OS. Most business customers didn’t migrate and stayed with Windows XP OS, eventually migrating to Windows 7 OS. As we all know now, MS got it wrong with Windows Vista OS. Fortunately, MS didn’t force their business customers to migrate. Now if a company tries to force it customers to use a system they are no longer happy with, then as you have already stated “96% of unhappy customers don’t complain; 91% of those will simply leave and never come back”. Unlike MS, Insightly does not command a monopoly position so the risk is much higher.
    The attachment and paragraphs below are essentially (minor changes) from my comments within support ticket #39729 on how frustrating the new UI is becoming for us and many of your other customers.

    I’ve spent a little time looking at some specific issues and I do mean some. There are many more that I personally have and many more that other users are also having from the mostly negative replies your blog “Crafting a new Insightly experience”. Currently you have 94 comments, more than any of your previous blogs and in such a short time. My list here is not a definitive list of issues I have with the new Insightly UI as I just don’t have time to review them all. I have my own business to run. Attached is a pdf of PowerPoint 2013 comparing some of the issues with just the “Organization” tab. There are many more.

    Don’t for one moment think I’m a luddite. I also run a software company and we embrace change but only if that change adds value. This new UI update doesn’t. Yes it is more modern looking but it is much more difficult to use and less functional. I don’t think you are listening properly to your customer base and only listening to what you want to hear. It would appear that because so many people use gmail and you are assuming that if a CRM system looks a like gmail it must be a step in the right direction. You have a very successful CRM product that’s why you have attracted so many customers over the relatively short time that Insightly has been available. This is the reason why ARK CLS signed up to a paid plan.

    Please please listen properly to what your customers are telling you. Remember it is easier to keep existing customers than to win new ones. Finally, please again read and take heart to your February 2014 blog “To Secure Brand Loyalty, Your Business Needs a CRM”.

    We would like to continue using Insightly CRM as we thought you had a really good fit-for-purpose and functionally easy to use product which just worked for us. However, if you wish to move off in a less functional direction then it is highly likely we will look for an alternative CRM solution.

    I hope my comments get fed up to the highest management level.