Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Insightly User Interface improvements to tasks, tabs and tags

We've made some improvements to a few sections of the Insightly User Interface in the latest release, and we've got a few more coming up in subsequent releases.


We've heard from customers that they would like to be able to complete a task in just one click, so we've replaced the actions drop down in the task list with three independent buttons. The first is a checkbox button on the right hand side of the task list for one click access to check a task as completed. When a task is completed the button will be green, and clicking it again will set that task back to incomplete The other two links we've added to the list are individual links to go to the edit page for a task, and a separate button to delete a task. Finally, if you click the edit link when on the task list, saving that task will take you back to the list rather than to the task details page.

The checkboxes on the left of the task list items are to bulk select those tasks. We use those so you can select and then complete multiple tasks at once using a toolbar 'complete' button that appears, or delete those selected tasks with the 'delete' button. This brings the task list into uniformity with the other lists for contact and organizations etc, and allows for us to add things like tags for tasks in a future iteration, along with bulk selecting and adding tags and other operations on multiple tasks at once.


We've made a couple of improvements to the subtabs on details pages too. Now, if you visit a page and you navigate to say the email subtab, and then click on an email link to view that individual email, when you click the back button you will be back at the same page with email subtab open. We no longer default back to the About subtab every time you load a detail page.

Also, when you click between subtabs, if we have already loaded the contents of that subtab we don't reload it again. So switching between subtabs should be faster now.


We've consolidated and improved the code we have around tags too. You can now put any characters you like into a tag, including symbols, greek letters, and other characters. The tag editor we use treats spaces as the trigger for a new tag, so you can quickly add several tags to an item by typing those words followed by either a comma or a space. If you want to add a visual space in a single tag, we recommend using an underscore.

Old User Interface Option

If you prefer to switch back to the old interface, it's still available at the two links below and the new and old interface share the same data store - so you can use either interchangeably. Going forward we will only be making improvements to the new interface though.

For Google Apps Users: https://googleapps.v1.insight.ly/User/Login
For Standard Users: https://googleapps.v1.insight.ly/User/LoginForms