Monday, 10 February 2014

Insightly Integrates with Zapier!

Now, with just a few quick clicks, you can send and receive data between Insightly the many business apps and tools you use.  If you're not familiar, Zapier is an online service that integrates applications with Zaps -- a Zap is a connection between two apps that automates time-consuming tasks.  The Insightly service in Zapier can be used to connect Gratis or paid Insightly accounts to over 250 other popular SaaS applications.  Here are some examples of Triggers and Actions that can be used to integrate Insightly with other applications:

  • New Contact:  Fires when a new contact has been added to your Insightly account
  • New Task:  Fires when a new task has been added to your Insightly account
  • Create Contact:  Create a new contact in your Insightly account.  The contact can be linked to an existing organization in your account, or a new one can be created.
  • Create Task:  Create a new task in your Insightly account.  Optionally, you may link it to an existing contact, organization, opportunity, or project.
  • Create Note:  Create a new note in your Insightly account, linked to an existing contact, organization, opportunity, or project.
 See more detailed information on Zap templates here!

Would you like to see us add more triggers and actions in our Zapier service?  We've created a feature request for the Zapier service in our forum, so let us know!


  1. You guys are awesome! thanks for listening!

  2. Hi Guys, thanks for this. But how about opening up a bit further and adding Notes, Projects, Opportunities and Events as triggers.