Monday, 10 February 2014

How a Small Business can Boost Sales with a CRM

A small business owner is ultimately responsible for their organizations’ sales and marketing efforts. An effective sales and marketing strategy should build customer relationships and focus on your customers goals. Implementing a small business CRM system and ensuring your staff are taking advantage of the available features will be a key part of growing your business and increasing profits. Here are some tips to harness your CRM system to it’s full potential.

Email Campaigns
A CRM system is excellent at managing email campaigns and other correspondence with prospects and existing customers. Having a centralized respository for all communications will greatly improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity.  No longer do sales people have to manage emails in their inbox resulting in a decrease in response time to prospects.  The marketing team and the customer service department all have access to the same communications which will result in tighter control of campaigns and resolving issues.

Since sales people are away from the office for a better part of their day, access to timely and critical information through smart phones or tablets are a must. A good web CRM system should provide remote access so your sales team are always working with real-time data and can update a client’s or prospect information immediately especially in a time-sensitive situation.

Sales Reports and Dashboards
Reports are very powerful tools that should be leveraged in an SMB CRM system. Start ups and small businesses have the same advantage by leveraging these as a large company. Intelligent business decisions can be made by reviewing reports and dashboards for trends in sales, comparing performance among sales people and monitoring marketing campaigns.  Reports can be created to perform drill downs on sales by person, region, products and time periods. Reports can be automated for potential closings for the month, sales by lead source, campaign leads and other critical information.

Emails and Alerts
Automated emails or alerts can be created to send to new prospects at different times in the sales cycle. If a prospect hasn’t been assigned to someone, a manager can be alerted. Alerts can be used by customer service to monitor shipments and issues that haven’t been resolved. This can go a long way to improving customer satisfaction.


For small businesses and startups, it is important to have an online CRM system, however it can be overwhelming so start out with easy to use features and add others as your staff become more comfortable with the existing ones. The end result is that you will have an excited and productive sales team, increased sales and outstanding customer service.

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