Friday, 24 January 2014

Keep them Coming: Five Tips for Creating Repeat Customers

Ok. All that time and energy has paid off. Your new marketing campaign is witty, hip, and looks fantastic. More importantly, it’s doing what it’s supposed to. Your hits and activations are way up; your brand just might start trending on Twitter. Congratulations! Now let’s get to work.

User retention is as important, if not more, then getting new visitors. Increasing your retention by 20% has the same impact as a 20% increase in overall traffic.  But significantly, increasing retention can be much less expensive, with ultimately, a much higher ROI. Ready to get started? Here are ways you can get customers to come back again and again.

Valuable Product
Your product must be valuable to your intended customers. Be sure that you are targeting the right markets. Use whatever tools you can to make sure you’re offering your customers what they need. And if they want something different, be prepared to make changes in either your marketing strategy or your product.

Great Customer Service
This should go without saying, yet it bears repeating. 2/3rds of consumers are willing to spend more money with a company they perceive as having excellent customer service. You can prioritize customer service by implementing a well-designed CRM. Moreover, adopting an online CRM will help you become more organized and free up resources, allowing you to focus your attention on your customers.

Sell and Sell Again
You’ve successfully sold yourself to your customers once. To retain those customers, you’ll have to do it again. And again. And again. Use social media, email, the U.S. postal service. You’ll have to exercise some restraint: no one wants to be pestered. So do it gently, do it with humor, but do it.

Create a Content Marketing Plan
Content marketing involves giving away useful content. This content can both draw new customers in, and help to keep them.By offering your customers relevant, interesting content you make them feel valued. And it’s much less expensive then distributing 1,000 branded key chains.

Ask for Feedback
Haven’t heard from someone in awhile? Keep track of your lost souls, and send them an email (it's helpful if your CRM offers mass email capabilities so you can keep track of everything in one place). Ask them why they’ve left, and what it might take to get them back. You can and should ask your current customers for feedback as well. How can we improve our services? Our product? Our relationship? The information you get will be invaluable and it makes customers feel like you care.
In conclusion, these five tips all concern creating relationships around your brand in the service of user retention.

Play hard and play nice, and they will keep coming back. Good luck!  Also, please feel free to share any tips you have for creating repeat customers. 

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