Friday, 31 January 2014

Customizable CRM: Vital for Your Small Business

Your business is like no other.  Even within your industry, you have a different way of doing things, from taking out the trash to interacting with customers.  You’ve worked hard to develop systems and processes that help you succeed.

So why would you want a cookie-cutter customer relationship management platform?

Make Customization Work for You
We realize that your CRM needs are unlike any of our other customers’.  Sure, some features might overlap, but you need a system that focuses on what’s important to your company.  If you’re a 5-person firm, you won’t need the same functionality that a 100-person company does.  That’s why we offer customization options you can tweak to empower your small business.

Take your sales process.  In our software, you can create a group of tasks or events to automate repetitive business processes with the activity sets feature. You can also use pipelines that represent stages you define for projects and opportunities. Then you can see the big picture: how far you’ve come in your process and how far you have to go.

Because you don’t have your nose stuck into “right now,” you can strategize for the future.

Customizing Helps More Than Just Your Sales Department
You also probably have your own unique system for what fields you need filled out in your CRM, as well as tags to help you find what you’re looking for.  Insightly makes your job easier by letting you create custom fields, tags, and relationships so your client and lead data is designed to meet your needs, instead of just a generic template.

Say, for example, you run a marketing firm and want to organize your projects and opportunities based on project type. You can create a custom 'project type' field so you could view your projects by:

●    Blogging
●    Social media management
●    Ad campaigns
●    PR

If you’ve got different people running each of the above types of projects, they can stay organized by using the project management feature to assign tasks, set deadlines, and view emails that relate to a project.

Another example is to tag client files by geography so salespeople who handle each region can see, at a glance, all contacs they’re responsible for.

Customizing for the Individual User
Even within your company, each employee probably uses CRM slightly differently.  You’ve got your Sales Manager who inputs every task into the system so they get a reminder when something’s due. You’ve got your Director of Marketing who uses it to assign projects and tasks to her staff.  As the CEO or owner, you like to have the big picture of what opportunities are in the pipeline and who’s working on closing deals. We give you a view of everything that’s happening in your business.

Insightly lets you do all of this.  No two users have to use the platform in the same way, and they can modify it to help them focus on what’s important at any given moment.

Software should be a tool you use to work smarter, not harder.

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