Monday, 26 August 2013

The Cost of Disorganization

Most organizations focus their efforts on either generating revenues, or cutting expenses.  What frequently gets lost in the mix is the cost of disorganization.  Check out our recent infograph, that highlights the most popular offenders, and the estimated costs to an average small business.  Do you see any of the offenders in your business?  While most think of a CRM as a tool to improve sales, CRMs can also improve internal productivity, tracking, collaboration, and customer communication.

For better clarity, click on the infograph, place your cursor on the image, then click the magnifying glass


  1. This infographic looks great but the way it is posted I dont seem to be able to see a enlarged version. Clicking the image brings on of the same size up in a lightbox. Trying to view the image in a new tab reveals only an equally small image. Can you post a larger more readable copy?

  2. Hi --

    Thanks for that feedback. We will swap in a larger version.