Friday, 16 August 2013

New Insightly Updates: API Access Available to Free Accounts and Web to Contact

Application Programming Interface
Our REST API is now available to free accounts. Our API is pretty conventional and you can pick it up pretty quickly if you have experience with REST APIs. We provide you with technical details and other resources to make your job easier. The API allows you automate data retrieval and modification in Insightly. We support JSON and XML based requests, and most of the data stored in Insightly can be accessed and updated via the API.  You can learn more here.
Web to Contact
This has been a popular request for some time so we are excited to deliver it to our users!  The Web to Contact feature allows you to easily create an HTML form for your website which will collect information from your prospects. It’s ingenious and simple -- select the fields you wish to capture in Insightly and we create the HTML code for your website on the fly. Once you paste the HTML code on your website a form is created.  When a visitor submits their information, Insightly will create a contact with the data they have entered and tag it with the ‘Web Contact’ tag.  If you choose to, Insightly can also send email notifications and limit the visibility of the new contacts to selected users.  You can access Web to Contact from the Systems Settings menu (gear icon in the top right hand corner).

Choose the fields you want to capture and Insightly generates the HTML code


  1. Would be nice to have a web to opportunity also. CSS styling is a must if this is to go beyond testing...

  2. Love this feature. Knew it would come. I'm a huge fan of Can't wait to see this platform develop further.

  3. Thank you Insightly. This is a great bonus! All freemium apps that include a free API have flourished and been successful and I have no doubt that this will give Insightly an edge over many competitors!

  4. Can this be setup to capture tasks too?

  5. Can custom fields be used in the web forms as well?

  6. Be sure to vote on "Create an opportunity from a web form (Web to Opportunity)" here: