Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mobile Client Relationship Management

The digital marketplace never sleeps, and neither should your customer relationship management (CRM) solution. While some CRMs don’t offer the greatest mobile functionality, others place a premium on it. Decide on the features and level of access that work best for you to find the right small business CRM solution for your mobile and real-time needs.

Access to Your CRM
No one ever truly leaves work behind anymore. We’re always connected. When it comes to tracking the most important relationships to your business, the value of instant access cannot be overstated. With customer interactions occurring all the time, you must be able to access your valuable CRM on an iPad, tablet or smartphone at any time. Reliable, fast mobile access is even more important for solutions that combine project management with CRM.

Mobile CRM access is a powerful benefit for sales teams. Imagine: a customer comes into your business or gives a call, and your associate can ask their name, pull out a smartphone, and have all that customer’s information in front of them with a few taps. In an instant, your rep can offer advice, upsells, cross-sells, and even add tasks to projects that involve the client based on this specific set of personalized information.

Mobile Productivity
CRM plus project management in the palm of your hand means you can stay on top of call logging, update contact details on the fly, and track project progression no matter where you are. The ability to sync data with other apps and software helps further flesh out your multi-channel view of your clients. It also keeps everyone in the company in the proverbial loop. Ideally, when accessing customer data, you’ll want more than just a purchase history. Call history, emails, appointments, and notes from any of these communications are all helpful pieces of the customer’s history. Well-crafted CRM apps and mobile sites ensure all members of your team can take advantage of this information immediately.

Small Businesses
For entrepreneurs and small businesses, Insightly’s free plan can get you started on managing all your customer data without a big price tag or contractual obligation. You can maintain an email list of farmer’s market customers, letting them know when you’ll be in the area and what in-season items they’ll find at your booth. Artists and craft businesses can similarly track sales and customer interactions with a few swipes whenever they’re needed.  Non-profits can track donors and fund raising events.  Real estate agents can continue to provide a personal touch when they are on the road.  The possibilities are endless.

Mobile payment apps are gaining popularity with small businesses and customers alike. The ability to process credit and debit card payments, no matter where you are, opens up many more sales possibilities. Using a CRM app, you can incorporate information from your mobile payment app at the time of payment, instead of waiting until later. Not only is this faster than waiting until you’re back in the office or at home, but you can add helpful notes in your CRM while they’re still fresh. Adding even a quick note about the conversation with a client (such as “Customer mentioned their blog at whateverblog-dot-net.”) at the point of sale may be beneficial information to include in the client’s profile and share with your team.

Instant access to the most important information about your clients is clearly a benefit to your sales staff, and your company as a whole. Building real relationships with your clients means tracking not only their contact information and sales, but their needs and interests, and then seeking to meet them as effectively as possible. Mobile CRM is not just convenient; it’s necessary to create the most beneficial, fully-formed picture of your customers’ behavior in order to provide them with the products and services that best fit their needs.

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  1. I think it's important to also talk about a mutually beneficial app. Things that work both ways. Payment is an interesting point in a business transaction, as well as invoicing and quoting. There are invoicing/CRM cloud software apps that try to roll things into one - have a look at Nutcache if you get 5 minutes. Interesting to say the least!! http://www.nutcache.com/features/online-payment.html