Monday, 5 August 2013 Interviewed in August Issue of Healthcare Global

Healthcare Global speaks to Morgan Hege at about the benefits the company has gained since adopting cloud technology.  The article focuses on the benefits and competitive advantage that cloud technology can bring to the healthcare industry which is notoriously slow to innovate. The advantage of adopting technology at this time is key as two simultaneous events occur in the industry. First, options for healthcare consumers are evolving, and that creates both opportunity and challenge in the marketplace. Second, cloud-based technologies – once anathema for companies in highly regulated markets – now offer both the functionality and the security reassurances the industry needs. gives advice to individuals, families and small businesses to help them select affordable health insurance plans in California.  In the article, Morgan Hege reveals how they started with an enterprise solution that was intended to improve productivity.  However in practice, it didn't work as it was cumbersome and not suited to their business which relies on collaboration between field agents and inside agents and customer service representatives that staff the office.   This was the impetus for to switch to a cloud-based CRM. 

Check out the case study to learn more about their experience with Insightly.

Are you seeing an adoption of cloud technology in your industry, or is your industry slow to innovate?

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