Thursday, 6 June 2013

Insightly App for Outlook 2013 & Office 365!

We're pleased to announce our new Insightly app for Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Office 365 - available right now for free in the Microsoft Office Store. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email and calendaring clients on the planet, and we're very excited to be able to extend our famous email integration to both Outlook users, and to the users of Microsoft's new online Office 365 productivity suite.

So what does this mean specifically? Now, as an Outlook user you can manage all your Insightly customer interactions directly from within Outlook 2013/Office 365 -- easily connect with your customers, improve productivity and most importantly, grow your businesses. No need to switch between apps. Once you've installed the Insightly Outlook App from the Microsoft Office Store you'll see an Insightly link at the top of each email and you can:
  • Save Outlook emails into Insightly with one click (linking contacts with saved emails) 
  • Create new Insightly tasks, opportunities, projects and events from within Outlook 
  • Edit CRM contact information from within Outlook emails 
  • Link emails to Insightly projects and opportunities 
  • View the complete Insightly activity history for a contact from within an Outlook email 

For a guided tour on how to install the Insightly Outlook App and how to use it, check out our new Insightly University video on the subject.

Note:  As per the Microsoft Office Store, you need to have admin rights to install an App.  In addition, Outlook 2013 cannot run on a server running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or an earlier version of Exchange.


  1. Good to know if we ever get mad at Google ha

  2. "Restricted Install. E-mail your administrator to install."

    I cannot install insightly for Outlook. I am not networked, have Office home and business, and default browser is FireFox. I've tried Explorer and no luck.

    1. Some problem here. Insightly can't help me too. It seams to be a great app......

    2. Same problem here, almost a year later.
      It seems this is only available to MS Exchange accounts.

    3. Same problem, why does this require exchange?

  3. I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm running a standalone of Office 2013 and all the instructions say to Click Manage Apps within the File Menu of Outlook, however this option is missing.

    It might be because we need an Office 365 Account, Insightly can you confirm? Also if this is the case this is going to a pain for a lot of people.

    Kind regards

    A paying customer.

  4. Yep - same problem here. Not sure why Insightly has not responded to this 6 week old thread.

  5. Is there any plan to offer integration with older versions of outlook?

  6. Problems and questions from users back in June remain unanswered. Not a great advertisement for Insightly. And yet you link to this page from a mailshot!

  7. Linking to old product news with unresolved problems. Bad move. Not good for customer confidence.

  8. Really? Is this a joke? No support for this at all? No response from Insightly?

    I can only guess they are having funding issues and will be shutting the doors soon. Poor service like this reflects this being so therefore anyone depending on Insightly needs to get out now before it is to late. I know I am.

  9. found this in the insightly support section.....

  10. Apparently you have to subscribe to one of the Office 365 Business Plans (Like Google Apps for Business). It would be helpful to mention this at the beginning of the video.