Thursday, 30 May 2013 - Is Google mature enough for the enterprise?

This article from profiles companies that are using Google Apps on an enterprise scale.  Insightly customer Grass Roots Group (GRG) has 1,400 employees globally, and uses Gmail alongside Google Docs and Google Hangouts.  GRG deployed Insightly and other apps from the Google Apps Marketplace -- "There are at least three tools we are now using that are integrated into our environment: Smartsheet provides real-time project planning; Lucid Chart is a technical diagramming generation tool and offers a simple CRM."  In addition, GRG comments on the ease of use of cloud tools:  "There is a central pool of licences so it is impossible to be under-licensed. There is also no need to deploy any software. They just appear in the More menu within the Google environment."

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Insightly Android App Now Available

Last year we introduced our iOS application for iPhones, and we're very pleased to now launch our native Android app for Android powered phones and tablets. From the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, to the Google Nexus 7 tablet, through to that old clunker phone you threw in the drawer two years ago, our shiny new Android app should work on them all. And best of all it's available free to all Insightly users in the Google Play store worldwide.

The app allows you to keep track of your tasks, and assign new ones, manage your contacts and edit their details on the go, and keep up to date with your projects and opportunities. Best of all - when you add or change data in the Android app, it's automatically sync'ed in real time with the web app and the iPhone app.

Navigation appears when you slide your finger from the left edge across the device, or by touching the menu button in the top left.

Clicking on a phone number in the Android app will automatically dial that number for you if you're using a phone, and you can send SMS messages to contacts and plot addresses in Google Maps with just a touch  too.

You can log out of the Android app by touching the log out button in the bottom of the slide out menu, but otherwise it will stay logged in when you open it to so you can get straight to work.

Because the Insightly app installs through the Play store, it will automatically update on your device when we add new features, and we've got quite a few in the works that we're releasing in the coming months.

So we encourage you to head across to the Google Play store, download the app to your Android phone or tablet, and write a quick review of the app in the play store to let us know you appreciate it.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Why Your Small Business Needs CRM and 3 Ways to Increase Revenue with CRM

Obviously for us at Insightly, seeing these articles is like preaching to the choir.  We're always happy to see educational information on the benefits of CRM for small businesses.  Anything that helps people migrate from managing customer information in spreadsheets and email is a good thing!

Why Your Small Business Needs a CRM (Forbes) reviews why CRM  is probably one of the most valuable systems that any small business can implement.  Studies show that companies that fully utilize a CRM (and using it daily is key!) can increase sales by 29%.

In a similar vein, Score More Sales covers 3 Ways to Increase Revenue with CRM and advises on how to tackle the main barriers to successfully using a CRM - cost, complication and how to get your sales team to use a CRM.  This article ends with --'What are you waiting for?  Millions of SMBs have been holding back, but the advent of more cost-effective and intuitive tools means fewer barriers and much less risk to getting started with CRM.' 

Amen.  We couldn't have said it any better.