Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Four New Updates to Insightly

Our latest point release contains four new features to improve your experience with data imports,
tasks and user settings:
  • Task Imports -  You can now import tasks as you would any other data item.  In case you need a refresher or you are just starting with Insightly, here are data import tips from our online knowledgebase. 

  • Default task settings - You can now determine if you want your tasks to be public or private.  The public setting will allow everyone to view your task.  The private setting will allow only the task owner, creator and any administrators to view the task.  To set default task settings go to My Info > User Setting.

  • Re-assign open items - When deleting a user (i.e. maybe they are no longer working at your company) you can now easily reassign open items such as tasks, activity sets, projects, opportunities and milestones to another Insightly user.  Administration is though a simple dialogue box that is accessed from the System Settings icon. 
  • Change responsible user in Opportunities & Projects - As a new function in mass maintenance, you can now change the responsible user for groups of opportunities and or projects. 

 As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.


  1. Well, you know I've been pestering you about upgrading the task functionality of Insightly. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Hopefully soon we'll have custom task filters and the ability to email in tasks to the system.

    Great work so far.

    1. re "email in tasks" - try (using gmail):
      A. From an existing email, using the gadget to create a task from someone's email - However, 1. Save email first, 2. Link it to the appropriate client, 3. THEN create a task from that email. Doing in this order links the tasks perfectly; or
      B. write an email and send it. Then 1. Save email with gadget, 2. Link it to the appropriate client, 3. THEN create a task from that email.

      This works for me

    2. Works great on desktop, but useless on mobile. I'm waiting on a zapier.com integration because this doesn't seem forthcoming from Insightly. You can vote for the integration at https://zapier.com/zapbook/insightly/.

      Hopefully, the custom filters for tasks will come soon. Insightly is definitely taking care of the big things, I just hope they take care of this little (BUT VERY IMPORTANT) thing.

  2. I already used the import of tasks and it works great.

    There is 1 thing missing in the import of opportunities.

    When you import these and set it to a Pipline and at a Pipeline stage where there is an Activity set defined to the activity set is NOT executed. That is too bad because now I have to do 2 imports (Opportunity + task).

    It would be great if the activity would be executed during the import.

  3. It's great that you can re-assign an open item to another Insightly user, but what about re-assigning Events that haven't happened yet?

    We have the situation that an assistant schedules Events for another Insightly user, but unless the assistant is given the login info to the other User's account (which doesn't work for us), there is no way for the assistant (who has her own Insightly account) to schedule an Event and then assign the owner of that Event to be the other user.

    Is there any work around for this or plans to make Events more flexible?


  4. I second Ben's request about assigning a task to another person. That would allow us to use Insightly to dispatch service technicians and track who worked on each job. I have been requesting this several times. If others could benefit from that, please let them hear from you. They seem to be responsive to the requests of many.