Monday, 14 January 2013

User Tip: Facilitate Collaboration with Docs Stored in Google Drive

Here's a user tip from Chris:

You can create/schedule a task for someone and then link the task to a document in Google drive.  When the delegate receives the task they just click on the link (under 'details' on the task pane).  You can easily check on the status of the task by either looking at the status or % indicator in Insightly, or by clicking on the link in the online document and seeing the progress.  Creating this link to a online document easily facilitates group collaboration. No one is hunting around trying to find where the file is stored -- and the document is not held hostage on someone's personal machine -- it's all right there and available with one-click from Insightly.


  1. Nothing yet on reports? It was promised for "later this year (2012)."

    1. Hi --

      We got a later start on reports in 2012 than originally anticipated so our reporting is still in development. The current schedule is later this calendar quarter. BTW -- have you sent us your specific reporting requirements? If not, please feel free to include them here or email


    2. Hi,

      Does it mean that I attach a Google Document owned by myself? If so, the system users will update this file frequently, it's not convenient.

    3. Hey Laura! Reports are a must for my organization! I was all excited about Insightly hooked it up to my GoogleApps etc started to use it but then found there was no report function! :0 Any news on when we can expect? Without it I am afraid I'll have to use another CRM tool...

  2. I can't see how to create a link to a google docs document when creating a task