Monday, 7 January 2013

Start off 2013 with Tips & Best Practices

Start 2013 with your best foot forward.  Here are some recent articles on best practices when using a CRM and tips on creating a successful customer pipeline.  Do you have any tips or best practices that you want to share?

CRM Best Practices for Small Businesses

3 Steps to Creating a Successful Customer Pipeline    

What Won't Tell You


  1. Thanks for the links. Look forward to reading them when I get a moment.

  2. I have a question for the team, where should we send insightly improvement recommendations / wishlist items?

    I get rather frustrated that Insightly won't let me edit tags inside Google Mail and wondered if this could be changed?

    1. Hi --

      You can send improvement suggestions to, or you can post them on the blog -- whichever is easier for you. I'll pass this particular request to our product folks so you don't have to send it to support. I'll also check with our support folks to see if they have a workaround.


    2. Hi --

      From our support folks:

      You really can't edit anything within Gmail. Since GMail is an external application, there are restrictions that we can't change. This where the gadget may help. Click on the 'View Contact' link in the gadget, which will display the contact. Once that is displayed, click on the 'View in Insightly' link where you can edit the tag.