Thursday, 10 January 2013

Calling All User Tips!

It's always great to hear from our customers about the creative ways our application is used -- and we appreciate that you share these tips with our support folks.  So in that spirit of sharing, we are starting an 'Insightly User Tips' Campaign.  To contribute, all you need to do is submit your tip and your contact information to our support team (  We'll post the tip online so all users can collectively benefit.  Each month we will randomly pick a user tip and send the winner an Insightly gift (which is why we need your contact info).  So -- drum roll please! -- here is our inaugural tip from Antoine:

Do you want to allow someone (e.g., your assistant) to schedule appointments on your calendar?  Every week, you can create public events for your empty time slots and your assistant can edit the events to schedule appointments.  So it's a win win -- the assistant knows when to reserve appointments on your calendar, and you can see when your calendar events are scheduled.


  1. Sorry, but this is really a terrible solution. The ability to schedule events for other users should be baked right in. If somebody schedules an event in your calendar, then a notification should appear telling you something has been added to your calendar.

    Moreover, there should at least be an option to choose to have events be "public" rather than "private" by default. I can imagine most folks in a team environment need their teammates to be able to see each others' events. It's a real pain to have to manually select "public" for each and every event you create.

    I've contacted support about both of these issues, and the response I got was, basically, "just deal with it." There is no indication that the Insightly team is planning on any improvements to this aspect of the service.

    It's a great service, but these calendar shortcomings are a showstopper for my business. I'm sure not everybody feels the same, but those are my two cents on the issue.

  2. Yeah what the what... this is horrible... We can assign tasks to each other, why can't we assign events to each other?? This is a real issue for our company

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    1. It is incredibly frustrating that we cannot assign events to each other. There is no way that I can schedule for my boss and myself to meet with a client at a given time. I have to add the event and he also must add it.

      75% of the purpose of joining insightly was so that I can add meeting slots into my colleagues calendars so they know when events are happening without bother. This is indeed a near show stopper and I have not the slightest idea why we cannot assign events to fellow users.

      I cannot emphasize enough how this is absolutely critical and nearly making me regret switching my company over to the service.

    2. Isn't it more appropriate to use tasks instead of events?

  4. I appreciate the work around tip since there is currently no other way to do it, but I agree that not being able to schedule for others is a huge inconvenience. You should at the very least be able to authorize a user such as an admin assistant to schedule appointments on your behalf. Would be great to be able to invite someone to a meeting like you do with Outlook and they have the option of accepting and adding it to their calendar

  5. I didn't see a spot to suggest a new tip. Please move it this is incorrect.

    My tip is to put a header or title in your emails something like this: You are receiving this email because you are a user of Insightly CRM.

    We all get a lot of emails and some look like spam when they are not. I don't know your employees, so an email from Laura means nothing to me. I had to check the sender email to confirm it was legit. Why not make it easier for me and your other users?

  6. I would like to be able to assign a task to more than one. Example: If we got a meeting, and we are going more than one person, I should be able to mark the persons going in one single task. Now I have to make more than one of the same task.