Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gmail Gadget Improvements

We've just launched some great new improvements to our beloved Insightly Gmail Gadget to make it easier to use, and to add new functionality. We've concentrated on being able to do more right in the gadget itself without having to jump out to Insightly.

Save and Edit just the Contact Details

In the previous version of the gadget, when you saved an email to Insightly we would automatically save and link the contact associated with that email, but you could not add the contact to Insightly independently without saving the email first.

In this new version, you can choose to add just the contact without saving the email first, and you can also edit the new contact's details right in the gadget after saving, so you can add additional details like phone numbers and addresses.

If the contact is already in Insightly, you can choose to view and edit their details.

Adding Email Links and Link Suggestions

We always had the ability to add links to an email after saving it, but most users were not aware of this feature because it required an extra action after saving the email. 

In this new version of the gadget, after saving an email to Insightly we now show you an editable list of links to the email, and we conveniently suggest opportunities and projects that this email might relate to - giving you the power to add those suggested links with just one click. You can also search for additional items to link the email to, and add those links right in the gadget.

For the suggested links feature, we look to see which active opportunities and projects the contact is already linked to and we show those, as they are a likely indicator of what this new email relates to.

Adding an Event

You can now add events to Insightly from within the gadget, along with tasks, opportunities and projects. And if you save the email before creating a task, opportunity, or project - Insightly will link the saved email to that new item for you automatically too.

Assign a Task to Team & choose the Project or Opportunity

We've added additional functionality when creating a new task using the gadget, and we now allow you to assign the task to an opportunity or project, and to choose the appropriate milestone or pipeline stage to which the new task belongs if applicable. We also added the option to assign a new task to a team of users, instead of just one individual user.

We hope you like these new improvements ! 

If you cannot see the new version of the gadget within your corporate Google Apps Gmail, log out and then log back into Gmail and you should see the new version.


  1. This is great work and in the right direction. Leverage your connection to Google Apps to the fullest as it's your advantage (along with simplicity) at the moment.

    Also think about integrations either by working with Zapier or get an API developer to link to more web apps.

  2. Many thanks. As a business novice, learning fast and efficient ways of managing client information was a tough task. Once I found Insightly, problem solved. And now adding so much power within the Gadget is a huge time saver. Next step for me is getting all of my calendars to play nicely (iCal, iPhone, Gmail, Insightly).

  3. as one of the most skeptical of all crms in google apps marketplace i can easily say this gmail gadget is the most robust and useful and a top reason i will likely use insightly for long term - well done

  4. Really nice additions...thanks.

    One huge request though:

    The gadget only comes up if the email is FROM a customer. Often times, I'm viewing an email from ME to the customer, and in that case, the gadget is associated with my email address instead of the customer's. This isn't really helpful.

    This comes up very often. For example, when I'm viewing an order receipt that was sent to a customer. While viewing it, there's no way to get the gadget to recognize the customer.

  5. I am extremely pleased with Insightly as a former salesforce user.

    One frustration (as a paying user), when adding a contact into Insightly, I don't see it in Gmail/contacts? I'm sure I'm missing something but would appreciate help

  6. Awesome update! I can't say enough positive things about Insightly!

  7. I'm just getting into CRM, find this feature quite useful. However, Insightly insists on creating contacts and organizations from addressees in emails. How do I turn this off?


  8. I don't see the gadget at all, also after logging out and in and trying different browsers. What can be the reason?

  9. We are a service company with several crews. Just as tasks are assigned to someone other than the creator, could you create that same option for events? That way we could have a dispatcher schedule crews from a project, if it is a multi-day job, or from a customer name if just a one-off job. In addition, we have added a project address field to projects, but if it was automatically added to the event, which could be changed if need be, it would save time. We find ourselves input the address for the customer, the project, the event, and then the task. Too redundant.

  10. For some reason, email from a particular sender appears with a grey background and the links in the email are dead. Very annoying. Can this be fixed or undone? I don't know why it's only a particular sender's emails that appear this way. Thank you.

  11. I usually do not like to complain publicly about the failings of software products/services; however, after trying to obtain assistance from Insightly support over a long period of time and without any resolution, I find that this is the only avenue that I can take to "get their attention".

    Insightly has a major problem integrating their Gmail Gadget with Google. The gadget simply will not display in Gmail for many of my users. Insightly blames this on Google without specifying a way to fix this. One of the major reasons that we chose Insightly was because of the Gmail Gadget and Insightly's inability to live up to displaying a properly functioning gmail gadget in gmail seems to be false advertising.

    It is my hope that Insightly will see this posting and understand the gravity of false advertising.

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