Sunday, 17 June 2012

New Task Team Assignment option

Along with the three major features we just added to Insightly (in blog posts below), we have added a small additional feature to the Tasks section of Insightly that has been requested a few times.

In Insightly you always had the ability to assign a task to a team, and a copy of that task would be assigned to each member of the team individually - essentially creating multiple copies of the same task and assigning them to each team member.

We still have that option, but we're also adding the ability to assign a single task to the entire team, which will show up in the task list for all team members, and allows any member of the team to complete that task and it will show as completed for all team members.

A small enhancement which I'm sure will please those who requested it.


  1. Love it! But it does not work when I add a new project and choose a pipeline. Makes me choose one member to assign each task's responsibility to :(

  2. Is there a way to view my Insightly calender on my

  3. But if it's assigned to a team, and one person finishes it, or needs to edit it, they can't if nobody's assigned to it. They can click on Assign it to me, but then it's no longer assigned to the team. What's the point????

  4. Why, when I assign a single task to the whole team, does it not send a notification email to all members of the team so someone can actually pick it up? Currently, unless they log in, nobody know it exists. While if I assign a task to a team and set up individual tasks for each member, they all get an email?
    It makes it kind of pointless!

  5. Yes, this is missing the notification emails... a very important detail when dealing with assigned tasks!

  6. Nice option-- it possible to assign to a team (single task, anyone on team can complete) via API?