Sunday, 17 June 2012

MailChimp Integration

We are excited to announce that for users on our paid plans only, Insightly now integrates seamlessly with your MailChimp account. For those of you not familiar with MailChimp, it’s an online newsletter/marketing platform that’s well worth checking out. With the new feature roll-out you are able to Import Contacts to Insightly from your MailChimp account and Export Contacts from Insightly to any of your MailChimp Lists.


Your MailChimp account can be set up to communicate with Insightly on a per instance basis. This means that you only need to set up the Integration once, and then all your users will have access to the features. To setup your MailChimp Integration, please follow these steps:

1) Log into Insightly using an Administrator account, navigate to System Settings > MailChimp Integration. The MailChimp Settings window will be shown.

2) In a separate browser window, log into your MailChimp account and navigate to Account > API Keys & Authorized Apps.

3) If you have an enabled API Key in the “Your API Keys” list, copy the key you wish to use and paste it into the “MailChimp API Key” text box in Insightly.  If you do not have an API Key, just press the “Add A Key” button and one will be generated for you.

4) Once you have the API Key in Insightly, choose a “Contact Email Option” next. This determines which email address of your Insightly Contacts will be used when you send a Contact to a MailChimp List. The Default option is “First Email Address Listed”.

First Email Address Listed means that if the Contact has one or more email addresses, the first address will be chosen regardless whether it is tagged as a “Work”, “Home” or “Other” email address.

5) Press “Save Settings” to complete the setup.

Sending Contacts to MailChimp 

From the Contacts list in Insightly you now have the option to send contacts to a specific mailing list in MailChimp. The procedure is similar to any other bulk action you would be performing on the Contact records.

NOTE: You will need to have at least one list defined in MailChimp to send Contacts. If you have not already done so, please set one up before you attempt to send (In Mailchimp, go to Dashboard> Create a List).

To send Contacts to MailChimp, follow these steps:
1) In Insightly, navigate to the Contacts tab and select the Contacts you wish to send.
2) Once you have completed your selection, click the “Send to MailChimp” option.

3) A drop down list will appear.  From this list, select the MailChimp list you wish to send the selected Contacts to and press “Send to Mailchimp”. The duration of the send procedure will vary based on the number of Contacts you have selected.

4) When the procedure is complete you will see a confirmation message at the top on the page displaying how many Contacts were sent.

NOTE: It’s quite common for the number of successfully sent contacts to not add up to the number of contacts you selected to send. This is due to a couple of factors:

  • MailChimp does not accept duplicate entries, so if the contact is already in MailChimp, the contact will be rejected; and/or
  • Contacts sent depends on the email option you have selected in your MailChimp Integration settings.  For example, if you selected “Work”, only contacts who have a work email address will be sent.  The default option is “First Email Address” which means that if the contact has one or more email addresses, the first one will be chosen when sending to MailChimp.

Importing Contacts from MailChimp

Once you have setup your MailChimp Integration, you have the option to import subscribers from your MailChimp lists to Insightly Contacts. To import your subscribers, please follow these steps:
1) Navigate to Contacts in Insightly and click “Import Contacts and Notes” on the right hand side of the screen.
2) Click “Import your Contacts from MailChimp”.

3) From the drop down list that appears, select your MailChimp list you wish to import from and click “Import”.

4) You will be presented with a list of Contacts. Select the ones you wish to import by checking the box next to the Contact. Once you are done with the selection, click “Import Selected Contacts”. The duration of the import procedure will vary based on the number of Contacts you selected, but typically should not take more than a minute or two.

5) Once the import is done you will be redirected back to the Contacts Page and a message at the top of your screen will indicate how many Contacts were imported.

Disabling the MailChimp Integration

To disable your MailChimp Integration you can do so simply by following these steps:
1) Log into Insightly as an Administrator and Navigate to System Settings  > MailChimp Integration.
2) Click on “Delete” on the MailChimp API Key line and you’re all done.


  1. Any hope/chance that you will support the creation of a record upon submission of a MailChimp form?

    For example, creating a new opportunity & contact when a form is submitted.

  2. What would be AMAZING is if there were a way to sync a list in MailChimp/Constant Contact/Etc. to a contact tag list. That way, every time you update a contact in Inisghtly with a new email address, it would sync up with that contact's MailChimp profile.

    Is there a way to do that?

  3. I'd like to formally request integration with Vertical Response as well, if this is possible. It's a far less expensive alternative to Mail Chimp (Which is awesome, no question) for smaller companies without gigantic lists for blasts.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  4. It appears to me that this feauture is issued for commercial reasons.
    Of course it is all right to cooperate with other apps, but with a good and complete export function one can easily organize such by themselves.

  5. Can I allow external people to register themselves in my mailings?

  6. Thank you for this integration!!

    Just to suggestions to make this integration even better:

    -Hability to update contact data in Mailchimp side when there is something added to the insightly side. For example, first the contact has only email and it is sent to Mailchimp. Then we update name or last name in Insightly and send it again. Mailchimp gets updated (Now it is ignoring the changes)

    -HAbility to use Insighlty tags as groups in Mailchimp. So you can do list segmentation based on your CRM segmentation.

    Next things you guys can do to make me completly happy: web2lead forms, Spanish language interface


  7. This feature is not currently working. Is there an ETA for a fix?

  8. This is a great feature but I def agree with Marc that adding support for segmentation would be huge. Unless I'm missing something and it's already supported?

  9. Customer Service phone number for assistance?

  10. How can we handle this use case:

    Export from Insightly to Mailchimp
    Mail newsletter - person A unsubscribes
    Next month export from Insightly to Mailchimp to include new contacts. (Person A is added again)
    Mail newsletter - person A complains about spam

    How do can we capture the Mailchimp unsubscribes and feed that back into Insightly?

    1. Don't worry - Mailchimp will not let you add the same email address to a list after they unsubscribe - so your problem is automatically solved for you.

  11. How exactly is Vertical Response cheaper than MailChimp? If this is true, I think your information is wrong:

  12. Tags don't follow contacts into MailChimp? No segmentation? Only full lists? Is this true?

  13. I'm sorry to say, this isn't helpful. MailChimp organizes names into a single list, with many ways to segment the list (just like tags in Insightly), so synchronizing with multiple lists in MailChimp doesn't work.

    Looking forward to an update where one can synchronize with one MailChimp list, with tags matched to segments.

  14. I guess I have learned to never assume anything! We have thousands of contacts in Insightly. The 'send to mailchimp' option is wonderful and a huge time saver. I just figured with such an advanced intergration there would be a sync. So as my staff is updating info in insightly, when I send contacts to mailchimp, the new data will go over. Now the two dont match! kind of a mess. Am I missing the point? We have a huge list and I dont know always when changes are made but I figured a sync was just a given! guess not! I learned from tech support it only sends over new contact names 'not edited' info.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Awesome! I use MailChimp and vcita to send emails to my clients and MailChimp is the one I use the most!!! It would be great if MailChimp took the place of the free, yet discontinued Linkedin integration!

  17. After reading that tags in Insightly don't segment lists in MailChimp, what's the point in integrating the two APPS? Anyone have a recommendation for tighter integration, specifically list segments via insightly tags ?

  18. I need to be able to pick my email addresses from Insightly and have them go to a new mailing list in mailchimp that i can then choose a campaign for. I have lots of users with their own contacts and we want them to be able to choose from our set of mailing campaigns with any subset of their contacts in Insightly. They would need an option to send to mailchimp and be able to build a new mailing list with the ones they have checked off. Then they would pick a campaign and the email would go out their personal new mailing list.

  19. Solve360 does this, I believe.

  20. This integration is sadly lacking in functionality. It is 2014 and this works 1980's style. To manually import both ways is not using the capabilities of the Mailchimp API and adds complexity and increases the possibility of errors and oversight.

    I'm going back to CapsuleCRM.

  21. Still waiting on segmentation.
    Currently working around by filtering the list using tags, sending to Mailchimp, then in Mailchimp segmenting by date the user was added.

  22. Looking into using Zapier for the sync functionality that is NOT inherent in the integration between Insightly and MailChimp. It's not perfect, but it looks like using Triggers and Actions in Zapier could provide a shaky workaround...