Sunday, 17 June 2012

LinkedIn and Twitter Integration

We are pleased to announce the new Social Integration features in Insightly, designed to help you gather intelligence about your Customers when preparing for the next big sell. You can now import your connected contacts from LinkedIn, as well as link Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to your individual contacts.  The Social Integration features are accessible under a new tab called “Social” in the Contact Details page.

The LinkedIn and Twitter features have to be enabled on a per user basis. This means that if you wish to utilize these features, you will need both a LinkedIn or Twitter account.

There are two ways to set up your Social Integration:
  • through the new “Social” tab on the Contact Details page; or
  • through the “User Settings” tab in your personal settings.

Setup from the Social Tab

To setup the features from the Social tab, please follow these steps:

1) Open up any Contact and select the Social tab.


Setting up LinkedIn

2) You will be presented with two setup links.  To enable LinkedIn, click “Click here to setup your LinkedIn integration”.

3) You will be redirected to LinkedIn so you can authorize access to your account when you are logged on to Insightly.  If you are not currently signed in to LinkedIn, you will be presented with a login window first.

4) Click “OK, I’ll Allow It” to accept the authorization, after which you will be redirected back to Insightly.

5) If the authorization was successful you should see the Search option in the LinkedIn area, or the LinkedIn Profile of the Contact if they have already been associated with a Profile.

6) If no LinkedIn profile appears, click “Search”.  A default search will be performed and the results will be displayed below the LinkedIn box.  Click “Link to Contact” to associate a profile with a Contact.

7) To perform a manual search, you can type in the information about the contact into the “First Name”, “Last Name” and/or “Company” boxes and click on “Search”.

Setting up Twitter

1) Click on the “Click here to setup your Twitter integration”.  A box will appear asking you to authorize access to your account.

2) Click the “Add Twitter Account” link above the Twitter Feed Section.

3) Type in the Twitter ID (Twitter/Screen Name) in the Text Box and Click Save.

4) You should now be able to see the Feed on the Social tab.

Adding and Removing Social Integration from your User Settings

To setup LinkedIn and Twitter integration from your 'My Info' page, please follow these steps:

1) Navigate to 'My Info' > User Settings. The 'My Info' page is the small card icon in the top right corner of Insightly.

2) Go to the Social Network Settings section of the form.  To setup LinkedIn or Twitter, click on the appropriate links as shown below

If your LinkedIn or Twitter integration is already setup, the links on the User Setting tab will allow you to remove the integration from Insightly, as shown below.

Removing a Profile or Twitter Feed

You have the option to remove a LinkedIn or Twitter association from a Contact should you want to do so. To remove an association, all you have to do is to click the trash can icon within the Profile or the Feed.


  1. Really great functionality. However when I search for a linkedin contact it doesn't seem to prioritise my own contacts in LinkedIn. It brings up a load of people with the same name but you would think it would bring up those who I am connected to first.


  2. Yeah, these are the results that LinkedIn brings back for the search. We thought they could have prioritized the result set a little better too.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. No Facebook? Is that in the pipeline?

  5. I am getting the same error that Franck is getting. Should I submit a ticket?

  6. We should have this fixed by tomorrow for you. We're working on it now.

    Thanks for the heads up !

  7. Can add social info for contacts but there is no field for organisation. Most organisations these days have their own twitter feed. Can social info feature be added for organisations as well please.

    1. We need the main 4 for both contacts and organizations:
      1. LinkedIn
      2. Twitter
      3. Facebook
      4. Google+

  8. Finaly managed the upload but instead of updating existing contacts it created 500+ duplicates! Since there is no way to simply dedup contacts, I just deleted the whole import (thank god there is this option). As it stands the upload is pretty useless...

    1. Frank,
      How did you delete? I'm trying to and its giving me grief!!! HELP!!!

  9. Great job!!! pleasure to be your customer!

  10. I was really excited about this but now I am so dissapointed. LinkedIn search never finds anybody. This is even more true if the person has a common name. Even when I put in the name and organization it does not find the person

  11. LinkedIn only allows you to search for contacts you are connected to you, or connections of your connections. They do not allow you third party applications like Insightly to search the entire LinkedIn database. This is a limitation from LinkedIn itself that we cannot control.

  12. this search is not turning up any of my contacts - even first connections

    this either needs to be fixed, or you need to allow us a way to manually insert the URL for their public profile

    1. it's almost as if the search is specifically screening out my 1st connections

    2. sent in ticket to support with screen shots showing my linkedin search (from the LI website) and their search, and it specifically shows my 1st connections getting overlooked - and there doesn't seem to be a way to disable the linkedin/Insightly integration to try and re-enable and see if that does anything

      we'll see if support responds

    3. okay, discovered can manually put in linkedin url from edit contact - but the search function still needs to work otherwise what's the point

    4. 3 days later and still no response from support - matter of fact it still says "Awaiting assignment to a help desk operator."

  13. How about very basic support for Facebook and AngelList?

    Not asking for an integration, just a field to enter a URL into and have it hyperlinked. Trivial to implement.

  14. My LinkedIn will not connect anymore on Insightly. The API Key is gone and when i try to set up the connection again it just defaults back to the home screen of Insightly.

    1. Same here - I try and connect my linkedin profile and the system just takes me back to the home screen.
      Is this a bug someone is working on?

  15. LinkedIn no longer allows direct connections from CRM's, but our updated Social tab can still get you the information you need. Read our latest blog post on the topic for details:

    Or see our FAQ: