Thursday, 3 May 2012

Insightly Mobile Website

We're introducing a mobile version of Insightly that is designed for the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets, and for touch navigation. It's browser based just like it's big brother, but we've taken care to make sure that it is easy to use while on the go. To use it, fire up the mobile browser on your phone or tablet and go to:

Insightly mobile has been tested on a range of different Android phones, iPhones, and on Windows Phone and Blackberry. We also tested it out on several tablets including the iPad. 

Insightly Mobile is designed as a companion app to the Insightly web app, and you can do most things on the mobile version like add, edit, manage your tasks, contacts and organizations, opportunities, projects and view emails already saved to Insightly.

Just type in your Google Apps domain to log in as you normally would in the Insightly web app, and the first time you log in you will be taken to a Google login page to enter your Google Apps credentials. After that you will be presented with the Mobile main menu (as shown below).

Tap any of the menu entries to go to that section or use the dark tool bar at the bottom to navigate between sections. When you add or update items in Insightly mobile, they will be saved back to Insightly immediately and the changes will be visible to all other users of Insightly or Insightly Mobile.

In a couple of weeks time, if you access the main Insightly website from your phone or tablet, it will redirect to the new Insightly Mobile website instead, but you will always have the option to view the standard Insightly on your mobile device too. We're also building native iPhone and Android apps that you  will be able to install from the Android Marketplace or the iPhone App Store. These apps will be faster if you have a lot of data in Insightly, but will be very similar to the Insightly Mobile web app in feature set and appearance. They'll arrive later this year. Thanks !

Note: If you're a Google Apps Paid Business customer and receive an Secure Sign On (SSO) error message when logging into the Mobile app, you will need to enable Federated Login in order to use  our mobile app. 

Get your Google Apps domain admin to enable Federated Login by doing the following:
  1. From Google Apps, click "Manage this domain".
  2. In the blue bar, click on "Advanced tools".
  3. Under "Authentication", click "Federated Login using OpenID"
  4. Make sure the checkbox labelled "Allow users to sign in to third party websites using OpenID" is checked.
  5. Click "Save changes".
For further support, please email support at