Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Introduction to Insightly webcast

Last week in conjunction with the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps we hosted an introductory webcast going over some of the basics of Insightly. We recorded it and have put it on YouTube at the link below for those who missed it. Some of the things we covered were:
  • Installation through Google Apps Marketplace
  • How to access Insightly
  • Tour of user interface
  • Importing
  • Insightly Gmail Gadget
  • Pipelines and Activity Sets
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Filters
  • Exporting


  1. Dear Anthony,

    First I'd like you congratulate on your product.

    May I have a question?

    Is the relationships available olny the paid plan?
    I did'nt find this possibility testing Insightly. In whitch situation does it available?


  2. Same request, what about the RELATIONSHIPS linking, e.g. "is a customer of / is a supplier to" or "is a parent of / is the child of"
    Thanks for your help; regards, Ricardo Hein

    Relationships are defined within Insightly when linking contacts with other contacts, and when linking organisations with other organisations. It's important to know that relationships are directional - they have both a forward and a reverse part.

    For instance, one of the relationships that comes already defined within Insightly for both contacts and organisations is the customer/supplier relationship. So for example General Electric might be a supplier to Boeing (for jet engines), and that would therefore make Boeing a customer of General Electric too. It's one relationship but it can be expressed two ways.

    Relationships can be used to track friendships, affiliations, family ties, or even sports partners. Relationships are important in real life, and Insightly keeps track of those relationships so you don't have to remember, for instance, if two contacts that work at the same firm are husband and wife or just colleagues.

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