Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Disabling the Insightly Gmail Gadget for select users

Google has just introduced some new fine grain controls to the Google Apps admin dashboard that allows you to disable/remove the Insightly Gmail gadget and Insightly link in the top navbar for a subset of your users. This is useful if not all the users in your organization use Insightly, or if some do not wish to have the gadget appear within Gmail.

Only a user from your domain with administration privileges can make the changes below.

First an administrator from your domain has to log into the Google Apps administration panel located at  - where you can substitute in your own Google Apps domain at the end of the URL.

Under the 'Organizations and users' tab, add a new sub-organization called "Insightly Users" or a similar name.

Go back to the list of all your users and move only the users of Insightly into the new sub-organization. You can do this by clicking the checkbox to the left of the user names, then click the 'Move To' button and choose the 'Insightly Users' option.

Now you can turn on/off the specific services that users in that sub-organization require. Turn on Insightly and any other services they may require.

Finally in the parent Organization turn off access to Insightly to disable the gadget and quick link for all other users in your domain.
Note these settings do not affect which users can log into Insightly itself (which is controlled within Insightly) - but only the display of the gadget and the Insightly link in Google navbar quick link (under the "More" option). Once you have changed these settings - it may take up to 24 hours for your changes to take effect within Gmail.

Google also has a blog post on how to do this.


  1. just an idea, it would be great a functionality that allows to view a link of a task after it is created. Such as gmail does when you send an email. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for this great feature.
    How can we set a specific Insightly account for each Google suborganization ?

  3. Thanks for this post, was looking for a way to turn off the gadget but sill have access to database.


  4. I did it and I cannot login anymore to insightly.
    maybe it's because I'm the main user of the domain?

  5. Would it also work to create a Non-Insightly Users suborganization? In our domain we're looking to disable Insightly for only a small portion of the users.

  6. Changes were made to the Google Apps console in 2013. Please see the following article for updated screenshots and procedures: