Monday, 17 October 2011

Viewing organization info within a contact

One of the small improvements we've made to Insightly in the latest release is to provide a convenient way to see a linked organization's phone numbers, addresses, and other details from within the contact record they're linked  to.

When viewing a contact that is linked to an organization (maybe an employee) you can now see the details of that organization by clicking the hyperlink below the contact's details labelled 'Show Linked Organization contact information'. We also show the role that contact has within that organization next to the organization name. The screenshots below illustrate the link and resulting details in red:

You could always see the organizations details by hovering over the organization in the links sidebar on the right of the page, but this is another way to see those same details that might be more convenient for some users. Hope you like it !


  1. Is there any app for google Android? That would helps a lot! Tks.

  2. I agree. An Android app would be excellent. Or perhaps a way to sync some tasks and calendar items to the google account such that they appear on the Android phone.

  3. Nice upgrades here. I would like a calendar feature in insightly with google calendar integration. It should be connected to the tasks area so whenever one is creating tasks one should be able to make an event with precise time. By syncing the tasks and events one can get reminders from google calendar, e.g. when one has to make a follow up phone call.

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