Friday, 19 August 2011

Custom Filters for Opportunities and Projects

We're releasing custom filters for Opportunities and Projects this week. We've also improved the list views of Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities and Projects to now remember the last view settings selected - so next time you visit that list page, the filter and sort order you had selected previously remains selected as the default.

Custom Filters for Opportunities

Custom filters allow you to filter the list of opportunities by different criteria that you specify. It's similar to the  custom filters we previously released for the contact list and organization list.

You could filter the opportunity list for something like: "Open opportunities where Anthony is responsible and the bid is over $50k". You can then save that filter and bring it up at any point in the future by selecting it from the list. We'll show you how to create this filter below.

Creating a Custom Opportunity Filter

To create a new filter, select "Create New Filter" from the view menu in the Opportunity list shown below in red.

You can then enter in new criteria on each line to build up your filter. For the example above, we've created a new custom filter for Jim with three criteria. We're going to save it for future reference as "Anthony's big deals", as shown below.

After you have selected each criteria, click the 'Add' button to save that criteria. To delete a criteria you have saved by mistake, click the small trash can icon to the right of the line. When you're happy with the filter, you can enter a name and save it for future recall. (Shown below in red)

The results of the filter will be listed below the filter box in real time as you build up each filter line. You can also order your results by the 'Order By' drop down at the top of the list. You might want to order the list from biggest opportunities by dollar value first, or by deals with a forecast close date in the near future first. (Shown below in red)

Note that for the filter values for "Opportunity Bid Amount" and "Probability of Winning", you can just put in the number  - you don't need to put the $ sign or the % sign.

Exporting your filtered list

To export the list of Opportunities included in the filter, first click the checkbox in the header to highlight all the Opportunities. You can then click the "Export" link that pops up in the blue box to export the entire list as a CSV file, which you can then open up in a tool like Microsoft Excel (as shown below in red).

Project Filters

Project filters are very similar to Opportunity filters but operate within the Projects tab, and have filter criteria options that are applicable to Projects rather than to Opportunities. You can create a new filter by selecting "Create New Filer" from the "View" drop down under the Projects tab as shown below. Entering filter criteria and saving the filter is the same as for Opportunity filters detailed above.


  1. Absolutely love it - thanks so much. The only thing missing is the ability to filter on dates (which is strange since you have a Forecast Close date on Opportunities). That aside, very happy to have it. This will improve our sales meetings greatly.

    1. Is there any update on this one? Very much missing "order by date" option. Also, filtering by Date Updated/Added would be way more useful if the date could be entered as '10 days' instead of exact date.

  2. The filters are godd for checking up on opportunities and verifying where they are in the pipeline. A GREAT addition would be the ability to order opportunities by pipeline stage. From a sales standpoint, tracking opportunities is all about where they are in the sales pipeline as the sale is advanced. Sorting all OPEN (or other view) opportunities by stage gives you the high level view you need to see where everything is at a glance. This is the sales funnel. Currently I can export them to a spreadsheet to accomplish this, but then I have to create the graphic or chart myself. It'd be great if Insightly could do it.

  3. Would be nice to have more options than just "=", "contains", ">", "<". I would like to filter out Opportunities that are in a certain stage, so have "!=", or "does not contain" would be perfect.

    1. Exactly. Havng only the current 2 options is substandard. At least give us the same 4 options available under contact filters.

  4. +1 for Jon's comment.
    Also, I need to be able to edit previous custom filters as needs change, to avoid having to create a new and delete the old.

  5. Does not contain is essential to make this worthwhile - please add!

  6. Would be nice to be able to control the order in which custom filters are displayed

  7. +1 to edit filters
    When you want to report month by month your activity, with a filter containing 3 or more criteria + the dates, it's very annoying and non productive to be forced to delete the old one and to create a new one, with all the mistakes you could make