Monday, 15 August 2011

Changes to delegated tasks in Insightly

We've made a couple of small improvements to the tasks system in Insightly this month around delegated tasks. From now on, tasks that you create and delegate to someone else will not show up in your own task list by default. The previous setting was to include those tasks in your own task list as well as the list of the  user you assigned the task to, but we had feedback from customers that those tasks were distracting them from the tasks they needed to complete themselves - so we've moved delegated tasks to a separate view.

Adding tasks you've assigned to others to your own Task list

If you still want to add a task that you assign to someone else to your own task list too (to keep an eye on when it gets completed) - you can check a checkbox on the bottom of the task form to make this happen (as shown below in red). This option appears after you change the 'Assigned To' field to another user.

Viewing Tasks you've assigned to others

We've also added a new view to the Tasks tab in Insightly that shows all the tasks you've created and assigned to others, called 'My Delegated Tasks' (as shown below in red).

We've made these small changes to Insightly so your task list is less cluttered with tasks that you're not responsible for. For those important tasks that you do want to keep track of - we've included an option to show them in your list. We hope you like the changes.


  1. I like the simplicity of the app and I like that you're building it one step at a time. I oversee the design and building of apps myself and I can sympathize with the workload you guys must have. So, to start with, I guess I should say that I like your app enough that I've decided to use it and I'm still here!

    I feel like at some point, though, I need to reiterate what others have mentioned in the forums - the number one thing the product needs is some form of reporting for the sales cycle and project status. It has an increasing amount of detail, but I can't tell anything about the overall health of my efforts from Insightly. You currently lack some sort of object that sits on top of all your other objects (Opportunities, Projects, etc) and tells you how they're going and what should be flagged and so on.

    Can you give us some idea of whether this is on the roadmap and where on the roadmap it is? These would be features that would let Insightly leap the gap into the realm of fully functional CRM systems. I think a lot of us who have used Salesforce, for example, do not like the interface and find the product bloated and annoying to use in many ways, but the one thing it does better than anyone else (so far) is pay attention to the automation and reporting aspect of Customer Relationship Management. My CRM shouldn't just be a repository of information, it should be a virtual assistant. This is my opinion.

    Again, thanks for the product - very nice so far.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree also. Take a look at MotherNode CRM for their dashboard funnel and goals set by month, quarter and annual. This is a great feature and should be considered for Insightly. Salespeople need something like this to keep them on track and motivated to make more sales.