Monday, 18 July 2011

Repeating Tasks and Organization Filters

Two new features in Insightly just launched - Repeating Tasks (also called recurring tasks), and Custom Organization filters.

Repeating Tasks

We're very happy to get this feature into the hands of our customers, as it's been requested often and those that need it really need it. We've added a drop down selection to the bottom of the task form where you can choose if a task is to repeat itself (shown below in red), and how often. There are a few different repeat frequency options to choose from:
  • Every day (repeat every single day)
  • Every weekday (repeat every work day - Monday through Friday)
  • Every week (once a week)
  • Every two weeks (once a fortnight)
  • Every month (once a month)
  • Every 3 months (once a quarter)
  • Every 6 months (once every half year)
  • Every year (annually)

The way repeating tasks work in Insightly, is when you mark a task as complete that has this repeat frequency set - Insightly will generate the next occurrence of this task for you automatically, and add it to your task list. Repeating tasks show a small repeat icon next to their names in the task list (as shown below in red).

So all you need to do is fill out the Due Date of the first occurrence of the task and set the repeat frequency, and Insightly will keep generating the next copy of the task for you when you complete the current one. To turn off a task repeating, set the repeat option back to none for the last task copy.

You can also set reminders for a task, and the reminder will repeat too. We will send you a reminder the same number of days before the task is due as when you setup the first repeat task and the reminder for that.

We'll be adding the repeating tasks functionality to tasks defined within Activity Sets shortly too.

Custom Filters for Organizations

We've added custom filters to the Organizations list this week too. They're very similar to the custom filters feature we added to the Contacts List recently, so we won't bother you with a big explanation of how the Organizations version works - it's much the same the it's Contacts counterpart. You can slice, dice and save  your Organization list based on criteria like the Organization name, email address, country, zip/post code, or phone number area code.

We hope you like these two new features, and we've got more improvements on the way soon too.


  1. Custom filters for opportunities!

  2. Fantastic... keep them coming... now if you had a better way of organizing, editing and viewing tags that would be great!

  3. Custom filter for opportunities based on category, etc would be really helpful. It's a real pain to have to export the list to Excel to do this...

  4. Yes, please, a custom filter for opportunities would be a great improvement to keep track of them and be able to group them and see them based on specific criteria.

  5. I can see those repeating tasks being a great option. Now if we could just show my tasks only (ones assigned to me) instead of all the tasks I have created for my team that would be great.

  6. Glad you keep improving. On either organizations or contacts, can you filter by some kind of industry code.

    All State Jeweler Associations, for example.

    Need that kind of ability to pull reports.

  7. Love it! Thank you. I needed the repeat feature so bad!! Love it and I just convinced a client to use it because you added the repeat feature.

    Thank you!

  8. I am also voting for Custom Filters for Opportunities!!! PLEASE!!!!

    I would also like to be able to customize the Status. Open, Closed, Lost and Abandoned are not enough. We could really use a "Long Term" category as well.

  9. Custom filters for Opportunities....I second that motion.

  10. What I really need is a gantt chart for projects.

  11. yes, Gantt charts would be a great feature !

  12. You only gave us 2 options for creating a filter for Organizations, yet Contacts has 4 options. That makes no sense at all. Please make these 4 options available for Organizations also.