Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Custom Logo and Branding

We're introducing a new feature this week for those customers on our new paid plans - the option to brand Insightly to suit your business.

We're adding the ability to replace the Insightly logo in the top left corner with your own logo - and replace the background color with your own color or a picture - across all Insightly users within your domain.

It's very easy to do. If you are an administrator of Insightly and on a paid plan, under the Settings menu (small gear icon in the top right corner) will be a new link called 'Logo and Background' (shown below in red). From within this page you can choose a replacement logo, and a background color and image.

The logo image should be up to 36 pixels high, and up to 250 pixels wide, and it can be a JPEG, GIF or PNG image. If the logo image is larger than those dimensions Insightly will scale it down to fit automatically. The custom background image can be as large as you wish.

If you choose to set a logo and background for your domain, it will apply to all Insightly users within your domain. If any users have previously customized Insightly with their own theme or colors, those will be replaced with the logo and background image you set here for a consistent branding experience for all users.


  1. I would love to move to a paid platform to make sure the product stays in development, but i really need the iphone/ipad functionality far more than I need a branded platform. Branding will become important as soon as we are able to collaborate with outside parties a la Basecamp. Those two features, when combined with the awesome Google integration, would make Insightly a must have killer app!

  2. I'm on free plan signed before the paid plans rolled out, having kept my 7 accounts, although while I have changed e-mail in insightly admin user have dissapeared and I can't add him again, so If some agency would use 20 users before and now being put on a free plan, they cannot change anything if somebody new will come and old employee leave?

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  4. After plowing through Sales Force, Oracle, Vtiger, and a half a dozen other CRM's, Insightly is an amazing solution for a functional and affordable management software. @ $29 total for 6 users (not per user), it's downright cheap!