Sunday, 29 May 2011

Launching Insightly paid plans

Today we're proud to be launching the paid plans that we first announced back in February on this blog. We received a lot of valuable feedback and support from customers and we have taken that into account with the plan limits and levels.

As a big thank you to all our current customers we are doubling storage space offered in our free plan to 200MB, and more than doubling the contacts you can store to 2,500. Current customers also get an extra user on the free plan over and above the three users we're offering to new signups starting today.

Upgrading to a paid plan

Current and new customers are automatically assigned the free 'Gratis' plan. If you wish to upgrade to a paying plan with more storage, users, and contacts you can do so under the Settings menu in the 'Account and Plan' page (shown below) accessible via the small gear icon in the top right corner. Only the designated account owner for your Insightly instance can access this page, but that user can also change the account owner to another user from this page too.

Upgrading to a new plan is simply a matter of clicking the Upgrade button to the right of the plan of your choice (as shown below), then entering in your credit card details. You will be billed monthly for the service, and Insightly accepts MasterCard and Visa payments at this time. You will receive an invoice every month to the email address you specify when you're charged. After entering your billing details, you will be immediately subscribed to the new plan and all your quota limits will increase. On this page you can also access and reprint previous invoices and change your billing details at any time (as shown below).

You can also see the number of users and amount of storage you are currently using at the top of the page.

You can cancel your plan subscription at any time via a link at the bottom of this page and you will not be billed again after cancelling. You can also downgrade to a lesser plan at any time as long as you fit within the storage and user limits of the lower plan. 

If you are on the free plan and exceed the limits of that plan, Insightly will continue to operate as it always has but starting in two weeks you will need to upgrade to a higher plan in order to add additional files, emails, contacts, or new users to your Insightly instance. You can of course still add new organizations, opportunities, projects and tasks at any time.

If you have any questions about the plans please email and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Insightly awarded TRUSTed Apps Data Privacy Certification

Insightly is proud to be one of the first apps in the world to be awarded the 'TRUSTed Apps Data Privacy Certification for Google Apps', resulting in a qualification badge now being displayed on our Apps Marketplace listing page.

Insightly data management practices were audited by TRUSTe and verified that they meet the program's rigorous standards in regards to the collection, storing, use and sharing of its users’ data.

TRUSTe’s program standards are based upon a combination of privacy frameworks such as the US-EU Safe Harbor, regulatory guidelines such as the Fair Information Practice Principles, industry standards and reports, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology privacy and security report, and client and expert review.

You can read more about the TRUSTe certification at

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New navigation improvements in Insightly

Here at Insightly we're hard at work on our new billing system for our upcoming paid plans, and the new Insightly mobile app, but we wanted to offer our customers some great improvements to the navigation system in the mean time to tide you over.

These two improvements were designed to allow you to work faster with fewer clicks by keeping some of the more common links you might need closer at hand.

Adding items to Insightly

Previously, when you wanted to add an item like a contact, you would first need to click on the contacts tab to load up the contacts list page, then click on the 'Add Contact' button to show the new contacts page. We created a short cut so you can now get to that link to add a new contact, opportunity, project, task, or organization from any page in Insightly without clicking at all. We added this little gem to the left of the search box at the top (as shown below), and labelled it with a plus icon. It's triggered by moving your mouse over it so you don't even need to click at all to bring up the menu, making it a more direct way to add a new item.

Accessing recent items in Insightly

The second improvement we made was to remember the last ten items you viewed in Insightly, and to create a list of those items so you can quickly jump between them, or jump back to them and continue where you left off between sessions. You can access the new list on the right side of the central search box at the top of the page (as shown below). Just rest your mouse over the blue pin icon and the list will popup. Initially it won't be populated, but as you view items like contacts, projects, opportunities, organizations, tasks or emails - the list will add those items in.

Hopefully these two improvements will save you many clicks in the future and boost your productivity by making Insightly faster to use and easier get around.