Sunday, 27 February 2011

Several small improvements to Insightly

This week we made some small improvements to Insightly from users requests that we thought we'd highlight below. A couple of the changes are exposed via the user interface, and a couple are changes to how Insightly works under the covers.

 Pick any color for Categories

The first small change we made this week was to Categories. Previously all categories within Insightly for tasks, opportunities, projects and files were shown with white text on a black background. The human brain can discern and process colors faster than text, so we thought it would be great if users could set the background for a category to any color they like. Categories like 'overdue' might have a red background, or administrators might even choose a different color for each user to make visually sorting tasks easier. We even engineering the system to analyse the background color chosen, in order to display white text on dark backgrounds and black text on lightly colored backgrounds. Colors for categories can be changed under the Categories section within Settings.

Search by ID for Contacts, Opportunities, Projects and Organizations

Several users have noticed that each contact, organization, opportunity and project within Insightly is automatically given a special reference number for identification within the database. You can see the ID number each item is given by looking in the URL for that item (it's the number at the end, as shown below). Some of our clients use standards like ISO9001 internally within their workplace, which operate best when each item has a reference number that can be easily found. We already had the reference number, but we just made it a lot easier to search for and find an item within Insightly given that number. Searching using either the top search box, or within the list for contacts, organizations, opportunities, or projects for a given ID will now find that item with the corresponding ID in a flash.

Task Delegation and Activity Set Task Editing

Previously in Insightly a task could only be delegated once. That is - someone could create a task and delegate it to someone else, but they in turn could not re-delegate it on. We've changed Insightly so tasks can now be re-delegated multiple times, and upon delegation Insightly will now display who delegated the task to the current user responsible (as shown below).

We've also made a change to tasks in Activity Sets in response to user requests. Previously if a user added an activity set to an item like a project or opportunity - that user could not then go ahead and edit those tasks just created (those tasks were only editable by the user the task was assigned to). From now on, the user who adds the activity set can now also edit the resulting tasks created (and reassign them to others if required).

Rather use a .com than a .ly for Insightly ?

We've had some customers come to us to ask if we have an alternate domain name to our '.ly' domain that they can use. Some firms block .ly domains, and some just prefer the good old fashioned .com - so for those users we have:  It's the same as the normal Insightly in everything other than the address.

Account Owner control extended to all data stored in Insightly

We also made a change to Insightly to extend what items the account owner can see and delete. We've had a few instances in the past where account owners have come to us and identified emails in Insightly that they thought were inappropriate to store in the system. Previously only the user who sent the email to Insightly had the permission to delete the email, but we now allow the account owner to do so too. We also made it possible for account owners to view and delete all notes and tasks, even when the permissions were set to 'Only Me' for those items.


  1. I love the account owner true admin change, but does that include all admins or just the person who created the account?

  2. Would love the ability to change the dashboard defaults. I would like to have it default to tasks instead of recent activity. Also, viewing tasks of a certain subset, like those of one particular group i.e. that way i could just look at the tasks of my service department

    1. This would be a great improvement. Especially as there are / can be more than one user on the same company who is updating things you may not always want to see what "recent activities" they have made.

      Did you find a solution on this?

    2. We already do this. You can create a team under the Settings for just your service people, and see the activity for the team only by selecting your team under the "For" dropdown at the top of the dashboard activity list.

      For further questions, please email

  3. Hey guys, do you have a place for suggestions? Like a Suggestion box where users can request features?

    In anycase, I would really love a feature where you can filter Organizations, or Contacts via Tags...I love using tags to organize my contacts but I would also love to isolate certain groups who AREN'T tagged with a certain tag. So for example all the organizations that aren't tagged "Dropped of Mailings", so that I know which companies I should focus on. As is stands the only way I can see these organizations is by tagging each of them with "Haven't Dropped Mailings Off" but of course if you have TONS of organizations that would take forever and wouldn't be efficient.

    Also, Import from Spreadsheet for Organizations Tab? PLEASE!

  4. Insightly me ha resultado una herramienta importante para organizar mi trabajo a pesar que no la conozco completamente, espero que pronto la este usando en forma profesional... los felicito.

  5. Adding the .com version is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

  6. recurring tasks, built in invoicing are musts...

    one small issue, when i try to change the tasks colors on the top list, a pop up window comes out, and some part of pop up has been covered by the browser, i have this issue with chrome, any one have the same problem?