Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Introducing paid plans

Insightly has grown up a lot over the short 10 months since we launched, and we've added a ton of new features and capabilities to the product. We've grown from a small business tool that a select few users knew  and loved, to one of the most popular apps in the marketplace used by tens of thousands of businesses around the world. We've upgraded and expanded our server farm twice and had to move to a bigger data center in that short period, we'll probably have to do it again in the next year.

We've heard a lot of feedback from users and customers that they would like to have the option of paying for the service. Insightly has become a critical business tool for them, and they would like the reassurance that comes with paying for a quality service, and knowing the future cost so they can budget appropriately. So starting later this year we're going to introduce paid plans for new organizations that join the service, based around the number of users required.

We're huge supporters of small business, and we're focused on being the best Google Apps customer and project management tool for small businesses around the world. We realize that when a business is small and still growing, they don't have a lot of cash to splash around on fancy software, so we will continue to offer Insightly for free for up to four users. With that, new customers get unlimited tasks, organizations, projects and opportunities, the ability to store up to 1000 contacts, and up to 100MB of storage for files and emails, all for free.

We're going to introduce four paid plans. A 'starter' plan for up to 6 users for USD $29 per month that includes unlimited tasks, organizations, opportunities and projects, up to 5000 contacts and up to 6GB of storage for files and emails.

A 'plus' plan for up to 15 users for $49 per month will offer unlimited tasks, organizations, opportunities and projects, up to 20,000 contacts, and a huge 15GB of storage space.

A 'deluxe' plan for up to 40 users for $99 per month will include a massive 30GB of storage space for files and emails, unlimited tasks, organizations, opportunities and projects, and up to 50,000 contacts.

Finally we'll offer a 'max' plan for $199 per month for up to 99 users, including 75 GB of storage space and unlimited everything - contacts, tasks, organizations, opportunities and projects.

As a huge thank you to all our early adopters already using Insightly - you won't have to move to a paid plan if you don't want to when we introduce them and you can continue to use Insightly for free. You'll be able to keep all the users you already have on the free plan (even if it's way more than four), all the data, emails, files and storage, and all the contacts and organizations you've built up without having to pay anything at all. You might want to consider a paid plan in the future if you think you'll be adding more users, or need more storage space - but for the next four weeks or so we'll have no limits in place at all.

We think these plans are fair and represent great value for money and we hope you, our customers, do to.

Thanks for using Insightly.


  1. Insightly account owners can see how much storage they currently use, along with their current contact and user counts from the 'Account' link within the Settings menu (small gear icon in top right corner).

  2. Do early adopters have a contact limit or is it still unlimited after paid plans come into effect?

    Any chance that early adopters can get more than 100 MB of storage. That is the same that a new user would get. Maybe 5 GB or something more impressive than 100 MB.

    Thanks for a great product.

  3. Great news!!!

    This gives a lot of visibility over the future of this great software.

    Three major features that would be great though:
    - Simple Time tracking
    - Language customization
    - Logo customization

  4. Will you be adding a client view this is really important when working on a client's project to allow them to see whats going on (with restricted permissions) and interact. We would also love iphone access.

  5. I love that being an existing user lets me continue with this product. Thank you very much. As my company grows and your product evolves I will be quite happy to invest in a paid plan.

    100mb - it's hard to know whether that will be enough, really. Obviously it won't be if I'm trying to save files for projects, but I can use my Google Apps/Docs storage for that. So maybe that would be a future feature - allow links to Google Docs?

  6. Thanks for the transparency and the reasonable pricing plans. Some tweaking of the plans and pricing will undoubtedly be needed as Insightly continues to grow and evolve, but this seems like a good starting place to me.

    As for the product, our organization has been using/testing it for a while now, and we feel it is superior to other similar offerings. There are a few areas that need improvement, but we think the overall approach is excellent and the track record of improvement speaks for itself.

    Thanks again for the transparency and the excellence.

  7. Awesome product, glad to see you are going paid I was kind of scratching my head at how you were going to monetize.

    The free plan sounds great except for 100mb storage, for my business the only applicable upgrades the paid plans offer is more storage space to store my emails.

    It just doesn't seem logical to pay money to store my emails somewhere else again when they are already in google apps (despite the value of having them in the CRM). Being "made for google apps", from the outset I thought the integration with gmail would be better, e.g. no need to manually send emails to the CRM (I may be missing something I am new).

    Rant aside I'm happy to pay 29.95 to support you guys and get the upgraded storage I think other people may be put off by such a crippling limit though.

    Keen to promote via an affiliate program.

  8. What kind of service guarantees will be offered for those paying customers? Are there defined data backup strategies that can guarantee no loss of data? How about pricing guarantees for a set term to guarantee that the rate won't be jacked again in another 10 months?

    It is one thing for me to try and justify lack of guarantees from a free service. But for a paid service they need to be in writing.

    We are currently in the eval stage of Insightly and just went from zero cost to $1200/year. The managers have already asked about the pricing concerns as well as backups and more. This change validates their concerns and means I now need more info before we decide to adopt Insightly.

  9. Just don't pave the way with the caps lock key buddy.

  10. The number of contacts in a CRM will slowly grow over time. That is the point after all, to maintain a history of contact but there doesn't seem to be any recognition of this in the pricing plans.

    I'm not adding users, my data usage should still be low, but we have a wide number of relationships. Although my usage will be consistent (and low), eventually I will need to upgrade plans or delete 'old' contacts. This is a major turnoff.

    Paying for more users makes sense to me.
    Paying for more data makes sense to me.
    Restricting usage by one facet of the data does not make sense to me at all.

  11. Are the pricing plans of $29, $49, $99 per month for all of the users (6, 15, and 40, respectively) or is this $/month/user like some of the other CRM packages are priced?

  12. This is a very good application but my concern is with the ownership of the data. Should Insightly get sold, become too costly or if I just decide to move to another product 3 years from now, what happens to all of the data I entered? I do not see any option to back it up or download it. Do we just lose the data? The one advantage the competition has is that I still own the data and can move it at any time.

  13. Integration looks good but, I will not be moving forward for two reasons.

    1) zero to 30 bux for the first tier is too much. This is one of a number of services I use to support my business, and it adds up.

    2) Maybe I'm missing something but... isn't ".ly" a Libya-based URL? Maybe I'm naive, but I thought their government has control of .ly - and if they decide to shut it down, then thats an issue - maybe with Google integration, maybe with regard to any access to the site.

  14. Does the Starter version include the same integrations as the Pro account? If i am going to use this service it'll have to integrate with Google Apps. I work with a small team and would never come close to needing the Pro account, but if we pay for the service i'd like to think it comes with the Google Apps integration option.

  15. All versions (paid and free) include the Gmail Gadget with Google Apps. Paid versions also allow you to sync your Contacts and Calendar with Google Apps.

  16. Just started using the free version. Pretty sweet little app. I have worked with a number of CRMs over the years and you seem to have captured the key elements necessary. I think there is a price-point potential just below the "starter": same as FREE but with Google Sync enabled. Suggested price somewhere between 9 & $15 per month. This would give independent professionals or very small teams an effective tool at a reasonable price. The annual hit of $348 for a single user plus Google apps is too high. They would either stay free or seek another solution. Unless the costs are out of line, why not pick up the incremental revenue?