Sunday, 30 January 2011

Improved Insightly Gmail gadget

We've just launched a new version of the Insightly Gmail gadget with some cool new features, including being able to save an email to Insightly from within Gmail itself (without having to use your dropbox).

Data Access Approval

This new version of the gadget uses more of the capabilities of Google Apps integration API's than the previous version. As such, you'll need to grant these new permissions to Insightly within your Google Apps admin dashboard. If you're seeing the text "Message ID from Gmail could not be determined" this is the cause. Under the dashboard will be an icon for Insightly, you need to grant data access in order to use the new gadget features. Screenshots illustrating this are below with highlights in red:

Saving Emails to Insightly

Once data access is approved, saving a new email to Insightly takes just one click, and no need to send anything to your dropbox. The gadget will show a 'Save to Insightly' button if the email is not already in Insightly. If the sender is in your Insightly database, the gadget will also show a 'Sender Info' hyperlink on the right, and clicking that will show you all the details of the sender. When you save the email to Insightly - it will automatically add the sender to Insightly too if they don't already have an entry.

If the email has already been saved to Insightly, you'll see a 'Saved to Insightly' button instead. 

Linking your saved email to other items in Insightly

Once you've saved your email to Insightly, you can link it to existing items in Insightly that it relates to - like projects, opportunities, or other contacts and organizations.  To add links to other items, click on the 'Email Links' hyperlink and search for other items in Insightly to link the email to. Click the 'Add This Link' button to save the new associated links after selecting them. You can delete links by clicking on the small trash can icon next to any link too, or to see the email within Insightly itself, you can click on the "View in Insightly" hyperlink. 

Adding new Tasks, Opportunities, and Projects to a Saved Email

The 'Add Task', 'Add Opportunity', and 'Add Project' buttons work the same way as in the old version of the Gadget - but if you have saved the email to Insightly before clicking one of these buttons, the email will now  be linked to the new task, opportunity, or project too.

Viewing the saved email in Insightly

Finally, if you've saved an email to Insightly using the new gadget - Insightly will have two extra options in the 'Actions' menu when viewing the email: you can view the email in Gmail, or reply to the email in Gmail.

We think these additions to the Insightly Gmail Gadget make it more convenient to keep track of communications, and make using both Gmail and Insightly that little bit more productive.


  1. Great feature! Thank you very much and look forward to welcoming another great future features.

  2. I keep getting the "Error: Email not found in Gmail Mailbox" - hopefully there will be a fix shortly.

  3. I'm getting the error as well and my drop box does not work anymore

  4. Dropbox working again although last batch of emails took an hour or so to show in Insightly after being sent from Google Apps.

  5. This is AWESOME. Thank you so much for adding this function - it makes the rest of the app so much more effective.

    Now all I have to wish for is an Android app and I'll be in CRM/PM heaven! :D

  6. thank you for version2, but what will make v3 in my opinion, is the ability to:

    1- add details for the contact from GMail, right where we have access to the new information we have.
    2- add notes to the contact.

    i hope these features would be implemented soon.

  7. Can you tell me why the gadget is not visible for some emails?

  8. We just started using Insightly a few days ago. The permissions are granted but the gadget does not appear in any of the emails. Are we doing something wrong?

  9. It looks that the gadget is visible only on mails with English letters only. If there are non-English letters, then there is no gadget. Is there any setting to show it on all emails?

  10. it works for a while, then disappears. Doesn't look to me like it was ready for a release. I will look forward to a more stable approach. Here's another idea, the ability to add a new contact while in an organization.

  11. Unless I've missed something obvious above, all we now need is a button within Gmail to add the email to an *existing* project/task...

  12. Google have informed us that the gadget not showing for some non-roman character set emails is a bug in their Gmail system. You can read about the bug at the link below, and click the star next to the issue title to be informed of when they fix the bug, or add a comment to the page to try to encourage Google to fix the problem. Unfortunately it's not something that is within the control of Insightly - it's a Google bug.


  13. It looks like this new gadget has stopped Insightly working if you are logged into more than one google account.
    We need to do that for our individual accounts and the general office email account.
    It works if we are only signed into one account but if more than one when we try to use Insightly it just sends us to the GA "requesting permissions" page (which we have already allowed) but won't go any further.
    It would be a real bummer if Insightly falls over now!

  14. Any update on the non-english character issue? The gadget is unusable for pretty big part of the world

  15. Running Gadget v2 and we are still running into the Error: Email not found in Gmail Mailbox. Only happening on one computer win7 IE8.

    Any thoughts? thanks.

  16. I like insightly a lot - but the gadget more ofen then not, just doesn't show. this is a very serious bug.

  17. Confirming what BCS said: "Gadget does not appear next to non English emails."

  18. For me the Gmail Gadget just works like a charm, using hungarian gmail with hungarian emails. I tried with attachements too, and it's perfect.

    In my opinion this is the most important feature, so I'm totally satisfied. Thank you Insightly, on Monday I will purchase a plan for my team :)