Saturday, 1 January 2011

Changes to User Management

Administrators can now choose who can log into Insightly

Up until now, Insightly allowed any user from your domain to log in and use the product. All they had to do was hit the link in the quick launch bar at the top of their Gmail, or type the web address in directly. If they were not a user, they were added automatically upon first login. Of course we always had permissions within the product to limit who can see what, but previously we did not limit who can login.

This week we made a change to Insightly to allow Administrators to choose which specific users from your domain can log in and use the product. If a user has not been added explicitly to the users list by an Administrator, Insightly will block them from logging in, and provide an informative help message telling them who their administrators are if they wish to be added in.

We made this change to increase security around your data. We appreciate that not every user from your Organization or domain should have access to vital contact, partner and project information under all circumstances. Sometimes, only the sales team or select users should have use of that information, so we changed Insightly to accommodate these scenarios. We think this change makes for better data protection and safeguarding of important corporate information.

Administrators can now add new users to their Insightly from the Users option under Settings (small gear icon in top right of screen). Screenshots below with actions highlighted in red:

Later this year Google will add similar functionality into the Google Apps administration console, but we thought it was important enough to write this feature into Insightly itself before then. When Google releases it's user management upgrade, allowing domain admins to control which users within their domains can see and use which Marketplace Apps they have installed (including Gmail gadget display and quick-launch visibility for select users) we will divert user management to Google's control.


  1. now i see this page i'm getting the following warning message : "Warning: Insightly has not been granted read permissions to your Google Apps user list by your domain administrator. Adding additional users is not possible without these permissions.
    " Anybody help me what can i do to remove this warning ,...

    1. In google app——organization and user ——Marketplace Services ——add Insightly

  2. I am a relatively new user--so take this with a grain of salt. Looks like the user has to be on the same gmail domain. To work around this, I tried setting up a Gmail alias for a user with another domain, but that did not work.

    I have a support ticket pending to see if I can run two domains from one instance of Insightly...we'll see.

  3. I can't get anything to happen when I try to add a new user. The drop down box does absolutely nothing.

    Any ideas?

  4. I am attempting to add a new user, but in this area my drop down is blank, and I am not able to type anything in it....

  5. I am concerned that all users have the ability to DELETE contacts. Am I overlooking a setting that limits the DELETE function to Administrators only?