Thursday, 2 December 2010

Google Docs integration in Insightly

Today we're introducing Google Docs integration with Insightly. You can now browse and search all your Google Docs, and attach Google Docs to Contacts, Organizations, Projects and Opportunities in Insightly.

We added a new sub-tab called 'Docs' under Contacts, Organizations, Projects and Opportunities and this is where you can add links to your Google Docs (highlighted in red below).

Click the 'Add Google Doc' link (highlighted in red above) to open the panel where you can browse or search your documents. To add a document to the item, just click the check-box next to the name of the item and click the 'Add Docs to Contact' button under the check-boxes (below in red). You can of course search your documents from within the search box at the top of the panel. Insightly will show an indication of starred documents with a yellow star to the right of the check-box, and any documents in the list that are already linked to the current item will have a tick next to their name instead of a check-box. We show a different icon for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pdf's 's and drawings so you can distinguish them easily, and on the right hand side we also show the date the document was last updated.

Remember that if you're going to link documents that others will want to access,  set the appropriate permissions for those documents within Google Docs itself to achieve this. 

Newly linked documents will show up in the history for the parent contact, organization, project or opportunity, and in the dashboard history list for those whose parent item you have permissions to view.

So that's Google Docs integration in Insightly - simple yet sophisticated. We hope you like it.


  1. WOOTie WOOT! You guys rock. It seems that every other week we get new features. Are you sure you don't need some money? I'm ready to pay.

    Thanks for this new feature.

  2. This is a cool feature... Thanks!

    Now here's a feature that would be great (and if it already exists, I'd love to know about it!).

    One thing I thought was weird when using Insightly (especially when integrated with Google Apps) is that the contacts do not sync between Insightly and Google Apps Email.

    If you could add that as a feature, that would be absolutely fantastic!


  3. Extremely helpful guys!
    Thank you very much for that!

  4. Love this feature.
    Wish it worked.
    Temporarily booted Win-7, using Chrome.
    Selection shows up, but nothing sticks.
    Will check when I'm back in Ubuntu.
    (which will be soon given how buggy Win7 is compared to Linux ... still can't believe folks think this MS crap is OK)

  5. Doesn't work in Chrome on Ubuntu 10.04 either. Have tried on contacts, organizations, and opportunities. Have tried on one private to me, and one that anyone can see. Nothing sticks. Tried selecting multiple DOCs, tried just one DOC. Haven't seen it work once.
    I have a couple thousand gDOCs and this would really help organize them ... if it worked.

  6. Dit lijkt me een prima applicatie !
    Wanner horen of het iets gaat kosten ? En wat ?

    Good thing ! Costs in the future ? Or maybe free for small business/non-profits ?

    Is Dutch an option in your language project ?

  7. Under Ubuntu, neither Chrome nor Firefox gives me a list of documents, and searches come up empty.

  8. Yay! I've been waiting for this!

  9. This is great. I would love to see google doc integration with tasks - basically add a google doc that is needed for executing a task.

  10. Insightly is awesome!! I have one question though...
    If you change gmail accounts how do you transfer your insightly content to the new email?

    Thanks for your help!!

    1. that would be helpful to have this feature available

  11. I wish I could add a gdocs to task and notes. It would be really helpful!