Saturday, 11 December 2010

Complete organization history & task status indicators

We added two new features to Insightly this week: the ability to view the complete history for an Organization on one page, and visual status indicators for tasks in the task list.

Viewing the complete history for an Organization on one page

We heard from our customers that they would like to get a complete history of all the activity for an Organization in one place, including the employees and contacts linked to an organization, and the projects and opportunities taking place that are related to an organization. Previously if you wanted to see this information, you would have to click through to each contact, opportunity and project and view the history for each separately.

We thought this would be a wonderful addition to Insightly, so we huddled around the design desk to plot out how it might work. The result of all that hard work was the addition of only a single additional drop down (we're big on keeping it simple) but this one little drop down can save you a lot of clicks.

The new 'History for' drop down under Organizations is highlighted below in red.

By default Insightly will show you the history for just the Organization. The other options for the drop down are to show the history for the Organization and all linked Contacts, all linked Projects, or all linked Opportunities.

This allows you to see on one page and in one place, everything that has happened around an organization. You can quickly scan the history list and catch up on progress if you've been away from the office, or if you're just about to make a phone call to that client. If you need more detail on a specific item, you can click through and drill into the details. (Tip: hold down the CTRL key when you click a history item to open up that item in a separate tab)

When you change the history drop down to show the history for the Organization + linked items, Insightly indicates those rows that are related to linked items with a small link image to the left of the title to delineate them. Insightly also provides information on which links the row is related to below the title, in a similar fashion to history under the dashboard tab.

Task status indicators in the task list

We also added another little time-saving feature to Insightly this week based on a customers suggestion. The task list now includes graphical indicators of each task's status, so you can quickly see at a glance which tasks are currently in progress, waiting on someone else, or have recently been completed. This is another click saver as you would have previously had to click through to the task details to see the current status of each  task.

The status indicators are highlighted below in red to the right of the task check-boxes.

Hopefully these two additions to Insightly save you time and make your day just that little bit more efficient !


  1. Thanks for the continued improvements - making a good thing even better!

  2. It's wonderful, but can I be a little bit picky? it would be even more wonderful if a user's personal settings allowed them to select which of these views they see by default.

  3. Rad! I want the default to be Organization and Contacts

  4. When you change a task to "waiting" it doesn't show up on the task list. Is there a way to have the "waiting" heading show up on the task list?

  5. I love the new feature but I am confused why one of the options isn't to view all of those filters? Could we have
    Organization Only
    Organization + Contacts

  6. hi, I'm excited with your product!

    what about making possible to connect organization with opportunity?

  7. hmmz skip that edit task story. if u assigned it to the right person that must to the task then he can change the status

  8. I just have privacy issue in Insightly..when i am selecting individuals ..everyteam member is able to access the data ..which should not happen after selecting individual for permission.

  9. I'd like the ability to SORT TASKS by [DATE AND TIME DUE] since a lot of tasks are time-sensitive and deadline-oriented.

    As well, I'd like the ability to have RECURRING TASKS.

    By the way, STRIKE my previous comment about getting "News". I thought it was a stream of news for every single organization on our list. Since it is targeted to the relevant organization, then it's fine.

    If you could incorporate a Board Meeting functionality in there with the EXACT or BETTER FEATURES that has, that would be excellent. I am currently using MeetingMix for our board meetings. That way, I wouldn't have to use 2 separate applications in order to keep everyone on track.

    If you could add the FULL MeetingMix functionality and features or Better -- NOT SOME HALF-BAKED VERSION - I would be willing to start paying you guys $9.95 A MONTH RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND.

    For us, including the meeting management part in a CRM application is really the HOLY GRAIL.

  10. Love this App so far. Planning on using it regardless and supporting its growth. So this is not a complaint, but probably a relatively simple suggestion.
    Add Teams to the View: pull down so us executives can view the tasks, etc. for an entire team together... That would be nice.

  11. Is there a way to make the selection (such as history for Organization + Linked Contacts) the default setting so that I can eliminate a click?

  12. I have another feature suggestions:

    It would be awesome to have the ability to drag and drop or re-arrange the order of opportunities and projects so we can put higher priority opps or projects towards the top of the list.

    Currently we have a lot going on and alphabetical order, while a good option, doesn't seem as usable vs if I had the ability to re-order and drag and re-arrange the order and presentation of my opps and projects so that the high priority ones are at the top of the lists!

  13. We are just now beginning to use Tasks in a big way based on Activity Sets, and we need users to be able to see (on the Tasks tab) ONLY the tasks that have NOT been completed.

    What I find odd is that you DO provide a built-in "My Completed Tasks" view option that removes all of the incomplete tasks from the view, however, you do NOT provide a "My Incomplete Tasks" option that removes the completed tasks from the view.

    Since you have already created code that filters out incomplete tasks, you can easily re-use and modify that code to allow us to just as easily see only the incomplete tasks.

    So could you possibly get this enhancement implemented for us ASAP so we don't have to scroll through pages of completed tasks just to get to what has not yet been completed. We would be eternally grateful. Thanks!

  14. I agree...this feature is on the dashboard view for tasks, but not available on the individual records like opportunities and so on. Please make this available.