Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dramatically faster Insightly for large data sets

We made a change to the way Insightly works under the hood today, that should see page load times dramatically decrease for those Insightly installations with a large number of contacts and organisations. We measured page load times decrease by up to 62% on those installations with greater than 1000 contacts.

We restructured the way we were pushing link data to the client and reduced the payload sent to the browser by moving some of the data to asynchronous ajax queries, resulting in smaller pages that compress more efficiently.

We hope you like the change !

Monday, 27 September 2010

Better user management features

We just added an update to Insightly to allow you to better manage users details, and to be able to track user activities within Insightly.

Previously, Insightly kept a contact record for each user which we use to track and associate emails within the system, and for internal linking - but we did not expose that contact record within the contacts tab, and it remained hidden. You could get to it from within the links sidebar on an email and by searching but it was not easily available or obvious.

Insightly now exposes those user records under the contacts tab, and provides a small user icon next to the contact name so you can differentiate them from regular contacts. We also link to the contact record from within the User Administration page so you can now easily change user details and contact information.

Actions you can take on a user are limited, so you can't merge a user into another contact or delete a user for instance. We show a red bar at the top of the user details page to indicate that you're viewing a user record rather than a plain contact record too.

We also changed the information that is displayed on the sub-tabs for users too. They now display the history of user interactions within Insightly, rather than records related to the contact. So for instance, the history for a user displays all the items the user has added to Insightly - like tasks, contacts, emails files etc - rather than what we display for contacts which is to show what emails and files are related (linked) to that contact.

We also quietly added an option to be able to choose the default currency (used in opportunities) under 'My Info' > Regional Settings (top right corner).

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bypassing the Insightly login screen

If you wish to bypass the Insightly login screen you can use the URL below. What you will need to change is the "yourdomain.com" bit at the end to whatever your Google Apps domain is (which is what you type into the login screen).


You can then bookmark that URL so you can login to Insightly in just one click without having to type in your domain ever again ! 

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dropbox intermittent issues all fixed.

We've now rectified all issues with the dropbox email system.

The problem we were having was a massive influx of spam email messages from spam servers (1000 messages  every five seconds) that thought the Insightly Dropbox SMTP server was an open relay server. This overloaded our load balancer and SMTP server intermittently which caused it to go down periodically and it took about 3 minutes to recover and come back up.

We've since put safeguards and protection measures in place to block spam messages of this type so this occurrence will not happen again. Thanks for your understanding and patience in waiting for us to rectify this problem.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

New Insightly version debuts with enhanced task system

Over the weekend we launched a new version of Insightly with a greatly enhanced task system, and many other improvements.

Linking is one of the pillars of Insightly, and being able to link relevant items to each other provides better context and captures relationships. Tasks in Insightly now have the ability to link to multiple contacts, organisation, projects or opportunities in the same way as other items within the system, using the links sidebar on the right hand side of the screen.

The previous tasks system in Insightly was great for quick to-do like items, but fell short of being able to define and describe complex tasks. We've added a big text area for defining longer task descriptions, and the ability to comment on tasks and add file attachments too.

We've also added a priority for tasks and the ability to set a task reminder when you want it, and the option of quickly adding further tasks after creating one for rapid fire task entry. If you want to set a reminder at a specific time for all new tasks, we have a setting for that under My Info > User Settings > Task and Calendar Settings.

We have also upgraded the task list with better filtering so you can now see a list of publicly visible tasks for any employee in your organisation, and we built in an associated link list (with popups for related item details) for each task right under the task title. We also included search in tasks so you can find items more efficiently in a long list.

We also upgraded the dashboard with better filtering, the associated link preview technology that we included in the task list, and the ability to search history items.

The new enhanced task system will provide a great foundation for two future features we have planned around workflow planning and automation for projects and opportunities.

One other feature we added was better integration with Gmail. When you click on an email address in Insightly we now take you directly to your Google Apps Gmail to send a new email with the To address filled out, and your Insightly dropbox email address filled out in the BCC field. If you prefer to use Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or another email client, you can change these settings under My Info > User Settings > Email Address Links.

We hope you like the new features !

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Insightly downtime tomorrow - 10 Sep 2010 for major upgrade !

Insightly will be down for two hours tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am Western Australian Standard Time (see the time in your local time zone here).

We're adding a completely new task system, and have many improvements which we will detail in a blog post after the upgrade has been completed tomorrow.