Monday, 16 August 2010

Improvements to your email dropbox

This week we've made some improvements to the dropbox feature that allows you to send emails to Insightly.

We've redesigned the system to speed it up and get your emails into Insightly faster. Under the old system, it could take a few minutes for an email you sent to appear under the email tab in Insightly, but the new system should be able to do it in under 30 seconds for emails without large file attachments.

We also made improvements to the algorithm that detects the actual sender on blind carbon copied emails. And  we also removed all the problems with emails being detected as spam by upstream email servers. These changes have resulted in a dropbox service that is faster, more reliable, and scales better to support increased workloads in the future.

Your new dropbox has a slightly different email address to the old system, so it's now instead of the old address of (we added a '.dropbox' in the middle). You can see your new dropbox address in full in the grey section at the bottom of the page under the emails tab.

The new system is up and running now, and we'll keep the old system working for a week before turning it off, but you should change any references or address book entries to your new dropbox address now.


  1. Thanks, the old system must have thrown out two thrids of the mails I bcc'd and they never made it to Insighly. The change is noticable and I am very glad that I don't have to drop your great service.

  2. Thanks for fixing this so fast! It now works like a charm!

  3. I just added this to use, but the email box is not working at all....any suggestions?