Sunday, 8 August 2010

Export your contact list to Google

One of the most requested features in Insightly is to be able to export your Insightly contact list back into your personal Google Apps contact list (accessible via Gmail). Today we've added just that functionality, and you can conveniently export all your contacts to Google in just a couple of clicks.

The new feature is under the Export menu on the right when viewing your contact list. When you export your contacts, Insightly will add those contacts not currently in your Google contact list, and for those that are already there we will check to make sure any additional phone numbers, email addresses, websites and postal addresses are copied over. It may take a minute to complete, so Insightly will send you an email once it's all finished.

So now it's much much easier to keep your Gmail contact list in sync with your Insightly contact list.

1. From the contacts list choose "Export Contacts" in the right hand sidebar.

2. From the Contact Exports page choose "Export Contacts to Google".


  1. I noticed when I export a contact to csv it leaves out the notes. Is there a way to export the notes?

  2. I had the problem as Peter, only a random portion of the contacts got exported, and the only a portion of their information ever showed up

  3. Can you export 2 addresses within the same Organization (that contain contact names) by TAG to excel so you can mail 2 different people?? thanks Debb