Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dates on Emails

We changed the way we record the date an email was received in Insightly today. Previously we tried to determine what date the email was actually sent or received by the Insightly user in their own email inbox, rather than the date and time that it was forwarded, CC'ed or BCC'ed to Insightly.

That proved difficult to do, and sometimes Insightly miss-interpreted the date and what was saved was incorrect by up to about 11 hours due to timezones.

Today we switched to just recording the date and time that Insightly actually received the email in the Insightly email system. We can accurately record this, and all pages within Insightly now show that date and time. Unfortunately we cannot retroactively correct previous emails to show the correct time, so they may or may not be correct and may be out by a few hours, but rest assured all future emails will have the date that Insightly received the email shown.


  1. You can attach an email to a project by linking it - in the right hand side sidebar when viewing an email.

  2. It would be AWESOME to be able to do put the Project name in the subject when forwarding and have it automatically show up in that project.. That would literally be PERFECT since I can get my partner to forward an email but logging in to a system to tag it is a different story!

  3. But the new way of adding date is even worse. Before we could keep some chronology of events similar to the order in which they happened. Now the e-mail dates are totally against the flow. It could be extremely beneficial if I could at least update the date myself.

    1. I agree and prefer the old way - or as an option to change the date ourselves. Otherwise it is out of chronological order.