Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tags in Exports and Imports, and new tagging options

Tags are now exported along with the subject data for Opportunities, Projects, Contacts and Organisations.

You can now import tags for Contacts too. When importing from a CSV, from Outlook, or from Act! - there are new options in the field mapping drop down for Contact Tags 1 to 9. Match these up with your tags for each contact and they will be imported into Insightly. If the tag does not exist it will be created for you automatically.

See below for the field picker with the new tag options.

You can now rename  delete a tag from inside the list screen for Contacts, Organisations, Projects and Opportunities too. Just click a tag on the left hand side pane, then choose either the 'Rename Tag' hyperlink, or the' Delete Tag' hyperlink.

See below for a screenshot.

Finally, we added an option to remove a tag from selected items in a list. If one tag is selected, checking the check box next to items in the list will bring up the blue selected items box. The new option in that box allows for removing the selected tag from the checked items. See below for a screenshot.

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  1. I have the same question... can I import organizations, and can I import opportunities?
    I'm migrating from Salesforce, and I want to have both my existing clients, and my historical deals without having to create them one by one