Sunday, 27 June 2010

Navigating and finding things faster

In this week's update we've concentrated on navigating and finding the information you need in Insightly faster, no matter how many items you have stored.

Some Insightly clients have over 20,000 contacts in their database, so finding the one you're looking for can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The old Insightly list header bar (below) was functional, but far from perfect. When you clicked on the Contacts tab, we displayed every contact you had permission to view, which could be a very long list for some users, slowing down the responsiveness of the browser. Also the 'Select All' and 'None'  hyperlinks were on the far right, and not directly above the checkboxes they were associated with.

Our new list header bar is less cluttered, more functional, and more easily understood.

The biggest change is to search. Insightly now performs a super fast search in memory on the server, and returns the results back to you as soon as you start typing. And the focus is now automatically in the search box when you click on a tab - which means to find a contact you can just click 'Contacts' and then start typing in the name. Insightly will filter the list in real time while you're typing. This dramatically speeds up finding the information you need.

We also implemented paging for lists, so Insightly only loads the first 50 items in a list, and you can click the next and previous buttons at the bottom to navigate between pages, just like Google search. This decreases the page size and increases overall speed.

We reduced the 'Select All' and 'None' hyperlinks to a checkbox too, and moved it to directly above the list item checkboxes it's associated with, so it's intended purpose is clearer.

We also now support searching within the view you've got currently selected too. So for example on the contacts screen, if you change from the default view of 'All Contacts' to 'Contacts added in the last 30 Days' - and then start typing in the search field - we only search contacts added in the last 30 days.

Finally, we also included an alphabet filter for good measure, so clicking on a letter will filter all the items in the list down to just those starting with the letter you clicked. If you need every item to be displayed on the one page, just click the "All' link in the alphabet list.

If you're an administrator, under the Insightly Settings page we've included a user administration section that allows you to promote other users to administrators, which was an often requested feature. 

We've also been in contact with the Google Apps team this week, and they've informed us that installing apps for only a subset of users is one of their top priorities. This will mean that you will soon be able to "install" Insightly for only those users of your domain that need project management and CRM, and not automatically for every user in the domain - if you so choose.

Coming up in the development schedule we've got syncing your Insightly contacts with Google's contact list, and a redesign of the Insightly task system.

Thanks for using Insightly !

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