Friday, 9 April 2010

Filtering in Opportunities List and Projects List

We just added filtering to both the Opportunities List and the Projects list.

You can now filter the Opportunities list for open, closed or all opportunities. The status of each opportunity is now clearly displayed and colour coded too.

We extended the love to the projects list too. Colour coding of each project's state is shown, and the Projects list can be filtered too. We display open projects by default.


  1. When will you enable the capability to be redirected back to Google Apps? Now...this would be a killer feature!

  2. It would be great to be able to use a filter when I want to have a look at OPEN tasks only. Now I can filter "all tasks" and "My Completed Tasks" but how about "My NOT completed tasks"??? This would help me a lot!

  3. having the ability to filter out completed tasks would be a very helpful feature

  4. I'd love OPPORTUNITIES to sum my filtered opps. I.e. Show me "how many dollars/deals am I hoping to close this month." And rank them by "Probability of Winning" field. Or by opp size, responsible party, etc.

    I'd LOVE this to be on the dashboard so I'd be able to glance and see how much business I'm going to generate this month/qtr/year.

  5. I second what David said on 17 January, which is: "It would be great to be able to use a filter when I want to have a look at OPEN tasks only." We are just now beginning to use Tasks in a big way based on Activity Sets, and we need users to be able to see ONLY the tasks that have NOT been completed. Providing this capability should be a very easy update. . . so PLEASE implement this for all of us ASAP. Thanks!