Sunday, 21 February 2010

Importing Contacts

We added a new feature to Insightly today, a contacts file importer. It imports CSV or comma separated value text files which almost all contact manager applications allow export to, and which Microsoft Excel also understands.

You can start by clicking the "Import Contacts" hyperlink in the header of the Contacts tab.

It's a very easy twostep process of uploading the CSV file, then mapping your files fields to the contact and organisation fields within Insightly. We try to match most of the fields for you automatically from looking at the headers, but those we cannot find a match for will be highlighted in yellow.

After matching all the appropriate fields, we will import all the contacts and organisations and send you an email when it's finished. It could take a few minutes if you have hundreds of contacts to import.

If you are not happy with the final results (maybe the fields were not mapped correctly), you can easily roll back the import and attempt it again.

We will be progressively adding some comprehensive documentation around the whole system over the next couple of weeks to make a few of these features a lot more clear.


  1. Keeping the contacts synced with contacts maintained in Gmail would be an awesome feature.

  2. Could you explain the logic behind only allowing the importing of contacts and not organisations? (Unless you can import organisations and I just can't find how to do that)?

  3. Tried several attempts to import a small csv file of 22 records. No luck. Imported business names only the first time. (into organizations) The second time it only imported one record of the 22. The semantics regarding contacts vs organizations is irksome as well. Both have fields for phone numbers, addresses, emails and must be completed separately. Granted, I just started using this product today, however, I am wondering if I have the time and patience to grow into a product that seems so unfinished at this point.

  4. I exported from one insightly account to another and when I go to import to the new insightly account some fields are recognized? That's frustrating and i don't see how to import tasks in. What am I missing here?

  5. This is really frustrating. I started by exporting some contacts to find out the format, then trying to import them as a CSV using the same format I get the error:

    Import Row #1 (Contact) - Missing Essential Info

    This is just broken.

    1. Hello,

      I've got exactly the same problem...
      I've tried to add fake columns with "essential missing info" and even to use precisely the same data as in ... some fields are recognized and other matched easily, but same error happens all the time

      Import Row #1 (Contact) - Missing Essential Info

      ... Did you find a solution ?